Notices for bbPress powered forums

Easy to configure, no coding required plugin to add notices and messages to various parts of the forums.

Example notices with the GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress

Why do you need this plugin?

If you ever needed to show a custom message to forum users, maybe information about promotion, or some website service information, and maybe show the message to guests, users or specific user roles only, maybe even limit the message to some forums, then, this is a plugin for you.

Add to that ability to add as many messages or notices as you want, show more then one notice on every page, change the way the notice looks like, or format messages using display rules differently for different forum areas, and even include notices inside forms, you will use this plugin daily.

Powerful display Rules

Each notice can have multiple rule. Each rule shows the notice inside the forum, topic, user profile, forums or topics index, topics view, topic or reply forms. And, some types of pages can have additional filters to help limit the pages the notices is displayed on.

And, messages can be formatted as notices, fieldset, callouts or custom elements with extra CSS class added to apply your own styling. Rules can be displayed to specified user roles, and limited by specified date range.

Simple to control

The plugin has no global settings, except for the toggles on the plugin dashboard to temporary disable some types of bbPress pages from displaying notices. There is a global on/off switch that can disable all notices from displaying at once.

And, the Notices panel has similar toggle controls to temporary disable notices if you don’t need them to be always active. In a similar way, rules inside each notice can be enabled or disabled using a single button without removing them.