GD Forum Notices for bbPress

Add stylish notices to bbPress powered forums

Easy to use and highly configurable plugin for adding notices throughout the bbPress powered forums, with powerful rules editor to control each notice display and location.

Latest Plugin Release
Version: 1.8
Date: 2024.01.04
Plugin First Released
4 years, 1 month ago
Basic Requirements
PHP: 7.4
WordPress: 5.8
WordPress Multisite
Individual network websites

Inform forum members

Easy to use plugin for adding notices with custom messages and content into bbPress powered forums.

Add notices everywhere

You can add notices to single forums, topics, views, profiles, forms (topic/reply), forums and topics indexes.

Not only as a notice

The notice content can be formatted as a notice, but also as fieldset, callout or custom styled DIV element.

Easy to use

The plugin has no global settings, each notice contains all the settings it needs. And, there is no coding required.

Plugin Video Preview

Check out the short video on how to start with the plugin quickly.

Why do you need this plugin?

If you ever needed to show a custom message to forum users, maybe information about promotion, or some website service information, and maybe show the message to guests, users, or specific user roles only, maybe even limit the message to some forums, then, this is a plugin for you.

Add to that ability to add as many messages or notices as you want, show more than one notice on every page, change the way the notice looks like, or format messages using display rules differently for different forum areas, and even include notices inside forms, you will use this plugin daily.

Define rules to display notices

To show each notice, you can define one or more rules that can use filters and define various aspects of displaying the notice.

Forum Based Filters

For some content types you can define forums based filter – private/hidden forums, selected forums and forum type.

Users display control

And, notice can be displayed only to specific group of forum members (users and/or guests or the user with specific roles).

Notice display location

Depending on the content type, for each rule you can select location (usually two or more are available) for displaying the notice.

Date range display

With date range control, you can define date range, and the notice will be displayed only during the defined period.

Simple notice toggle controls

All Notices list shows simple and easy to use toggle controls to enable or disable any notice without going through editor.

Developers Friendly

The plugin has plenty of filters and actions to allow developers to hook into the plugin and add additional layer of control.

Quick Features Overview

Here is the quick overview of all plugin features

  • Very easy to configure
  • Each notice can have multiple rules
  • Notice in: single forums
  • Notice in: single topics
  • Notice in: user profiles
  • Notice in: views
  • Notice in: forums index
  • Notice in: topics index
  • Notice in: topic form
  • Notice in: reply form
  • Multiple display rule filter
  • Filter: forums selection
  • Filter: user roles selection
  • Filter: date range selection
  • Filter: forum types
  • Various methods for display
  • Display as: notice
  • Display as: callout
  • Display as: fieldset
  • Display as: bbPress fieldset
  • Display as: custom element
  • Multiple locations for display
  • Additional display element class
  • Normal visual editor to edit notices
  • Notices can contain rich content
  • Process shortcodes in notice content
  • Toggle notices and rules on/off
  • Only global toggle settings
  • Developers friendly plugin
  • Various hooks for finer control

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Dev4Press Library

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