Core Features:

Smart Styling

Smart Style Editor
Smart Style Editor

GD Crumbs Navigator Pro includes two methods for displaying breadcrumbs: Plain and Smart.

Plain Breadcrumbs

Plain method includes almost no styling beyond the basics needed to display it as breadcrumbs, and to configure separator character.

Smart Breadcrumbs

Smart method is very powerful to configure. You can see all supported styling options on the image. You can control the way breadcrumbs are displayed, collapsing and expanding of individual crumbs to save space, use of animation to open collapsed crumbs.

For responsive mode, you have additional options for the menu mode.

You can configure colors and additional effects for display of the breadcrumbs, including shadows, borders, compact breadcrumbs and few more things.

Responsive Display

Both methods are responsive. Plain method will render breadcrumbs vertically. Smart method will turn breadcrumbs into drop down menu.