Core Features:

Shortcodes and Functions

The plugin includes 3 functions and 2 shortcodes to integrate shortcodes into your theme and content. Main functions you can use are for displaying breadcrumbs to the current page, display of multiple breadcrumbs paths for a singular post and the third function is used to display breadcrumbs for custom input list of crumbs. Two shortcodes correspond to first two functions. The third function has to be used as a function.

Integration Settings
Integration Settings

When it comes to integration, the plugin can be integrated with any theme. There are different integration methods, but, manual integration is the best way to go since it offers the flexibility of displaying breadcrumbs in a precise position. And, considering that themes can be very different, it is best to position breadcrumbs based on the theme layout.

Some widely used frameworks and themes support for direct integration, and that support will be expanded with more themes in the future.