Core Features:

Rich Snippets

Google uses Rich Snippets for all kinds of things, and there is a lot of website elements you can enhance using rich snippets to improve your website related results in the search engine results. This includes breadcrumbs.

Example of snippets in Google SERP
Example of snippets in Google SERP

Plugin supports 3 methods for creating rich snippets: RDF, RDF (Legacy) and Microdata. Legacy method is tried and tested for years, and still works fine, but you can try RDF or Microdata. Microdata has proven a bit difficult to test, because Google own testing tool is not validating correctly this type of markup, but it should be working in the end. Still, it is recommended to use one of the RDF methods.

This works with multiple breadcrumbs on a single page, and Google can use the multiple breadcrumbs paths in results.