Version: 5.3.6 / june 21 2018

  • fix regression bug with the wp_query override improvements
  • fix meta boxes: problem with rendering of currency field

Version: 5.3.5 / june 15 2018

  • new file with deprecated functions
  • new intersection based get_the_terms_list function
  • new data sources: function to list PHP major versions
  • new use syntax highlighting for post type function page
  • edit various minor updates to links functions
  • edit various improvements to wp_query override
  • edit Library Clipboard 2.0.1
  • edit Library Prism 1.14.0
  • fix intersection detection for wp_query not working properly
  • fix problem with a renamed functions

Version: 5.3.4 / june 10 2018

  • new new functions for the author archives intersections
  • edit data sources: updated list of WordPress versions
  • edit d4pLib 2.3.1
  • fix meta field listing is not rendering properly
  • fix few issues with the rewrite rules generator
  • fix problem with post type author archives rewrite rules

Version: 5.3.3 / april 30 2018

  • new new function to cleanup the meta fields slug
  • fix meta field slug can’t start with the underscore
  • fix duplicated cleanup of the meta field slug on save
  • fix duplicated cleanup of the meta box slug on save

Version: 5.3.2 / march 22 2018

  • new plugin tested and working with Gutenberg 2.4
  • edit various metabox styling improvements
  • edit data sources: updated list of WordPress versions
  • edit Library Clipboard 2.0.0
  • edit Library Prism 1.13.0
  • edit d4pLib 2.2.7
  • fix broken default display of the plain list fields results
  • fix broken interfcae for the Fontawesome Icon field

Version: 5.3.1 / february 1 2018

  • fix missing function ‘wp_flush_rewrite_rules()’

Version: 5.3 – Zhaan / january 19 2018

  • new meta boxes: default value for rendering with no value
  • edit meta boxes: don’t load GMaps library if Google Maps API Key is missing
  • edit meta boxes: improvements to the enqueue of JS and CSS files
  • edit meta boxes: improvements to the bbPress addon loading
  • edit meta boxes: make sure Dashicons are enqueued properly
  • edit Library Clipboard 1.7.1
  • edit Library Prism 1.10.0
  • edit d4pLib 2.2.4
  • fix xss vulnerability: query string panel was not sanitized
  • fix xss vulnerability: panel variable for some pages was not verified
  • fix meta boxes: some fields not working with nothing selected
  • fix meta boxes: saving custom field with nothing selected
  • fix meta boxes: bbPress addon problems with the JS files
  • fix several small layout issues on the admin side

Version: 5.2 – Aeryn / september 26 2017

  • new post type: custom permalinks for author archives
  • new shortcode: metabox_template to render meta box data
  • new meta boxes: filters for adding meta box to content editors
  • edit shortcodes: improvements to default shortcode attributes
  • edit meta boxes: improvements to HTML and editor fields
  • edit meta boxes: improved saving of the boolean values
  • edit meta boxes: generated code loop example updated
  • edit improved flushing of the rewrite rules on saving settings
  • edit d4pLib 2.1.1
  • fix meta boxes: custom field initialization issue in the edit mode
  • fix meta boxes: loop initialization problem when values are not set
  • fix meta boxes: minor issue with init for boolean field
  • fix meta boxes: image field passes invalid attributes to image function
  • fix meta boxes: edit warning about missing integration type value

Version: 5.1.5 / august 30 2017

  • edit Prism.js 1.6
  • edit d4pLib 2.1
  • fix bbPress Meta: editor broken due to the missing library
  • fix Meta Boxes: units library missing for units based fields

Version: 5.1.4 / august 11 2017

  • new editor meta field: processing like WordPress post content
  • new content meta fields: additional rendering settings
  • edit data sources: updated list of WordPress versions
  • edit d4pLib 2.0.6
  • fix render issues with posts, users and terms meta fields
  • fix few minor shared library initialization issues

Version: 5.1.3 / june 28 2017

  • edit changed classes names for AirDateTime picker control
  • edit d4pLib 2.0.3
  • fix conflicts with the AirDateTime picker class names
  • fix rewrite slugs don’t allow use of slashes

Version: 5.1.2 / june 26 2017

  • fix missing Clipboard JavaScript library
  • fix missing AirDateTime picker JavaScript library

Version: 5.1.1 / june 24 2017

  • edit data sources: updated list of WordPress versions
  • edit few improvements in JS libraries organization
  • edit some additional information for metabox editor
  • edit some minor styling improvements and changes
  • edit Prism 1.6
  • edit GMap3 7.2
  • edit d4pLib 2.0.2
  • fix problem with the initialization of the metabox object
  • fix warning related to invalid use of the empty() function
  • fix missing the update notice when plugin is updated

Version: 5.1 – Harvey / january 7 2017

  • new shortcode: meta_field for simple meta field value
  • new shortcode: meta_sub_field for custom meta field sub_field value
  • new post type: include in dashboard ‘At a Glance’ widget
  • new post type: extra feature support for AMP
  • new post type: new labels added in WordPress 4.7
  • new taxonomy: new REST options added in WordPress 4.7
  • new taxonomy: visibility option ‘publicly_queryable’
  • new meta boxes: panel with example PHP code to use meta box
  • new meta data: wordpress minor versions list
  • new meta data: wordpress major versions list
  • new meta: fields render methods have ‘before’ and ‘after’
  • new meta: additional properties and methods for base objects
  • new meta: additional functions for the subfields access
  • new bbpress addon: additional display light styling
  • new tagger: dandelion API uses new Token based API
  • new tagger: alchemy API updates for IBM Bluemix Alchemy
  • new expanded rewrite for default post permalink
  • edit meta: many updates to various rendering methods
  • edit bbpress addon: updated default theme template file
  • edit various improvements to the administration interface
  • edit additional information added into admin side Help areas
  • edit all JavaScript files are minified only, not packed
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.7
  • fix tagger: loading scripts on all admin pages
  • fix meta boxes: top of the grid type filter not working
  • fix meta: problem with the rendering of GMap field
  • fix meta: problem with the rendering of Radio field
  • fix meta: problem with the rendering of Select field
  • fix bbpress addon: several styling problems
  • fix minor issues with default and third party post types grid
  • fix abstract static method declaration for base field class
  • fix few minor styling issues with the metaboxes
  • fix few issues with the POT translation file and some strings
  • fix wrong style prefix used is some cases
  • fix import tools not working

Version: 5.0.5 / november 13 2016

  • new post type archive navigation menu selection and handling
  • edit meta box: improved processing of data on save
  • edit meta field boolean: removed default value option
  • edit bbpress meta box integration: few styling improvements
  • fix meta field boolean: field value always saved as checked
  • fix meta field select: field value validation is not working

Version: 5.0.4 / november 3 2016

  • fix taxonomy filter for post edit lists not showing
  • fix taxonomy labels generator wrong template for ‘all_items’

Version: 5.0.3 / october 30 2016

  • edit d4pLib 1.8.4
  • fix using get_term_by function instead of get_term
  • fix several problems with metabox for terms saving
  • fix meta fields grid: delete field is not working
  • fix meta boxes grid: delete box is not working
  • fix few smaller issues with taxnomy rewrite settings
  • fix meta field listing: doesn’t have proper default value
  • fix terms list widget hierarchy option not working properly
  • fix terms list widget showing only taxonomies with tag cloud enabled
  • fix function to filter taxonomies works for built in taxonomies only
  • fix function to filter post types works for built in post types only

Version: 5.0.2 / october 18 2016

  • new conditionals: check if date based intersection
  • new conditionals: expand WP query with date based intersection key
  • edit more functions for better third party plugins integration
  • edit improvements for the intersection WP query expansions
  • edit many small improvements to rewriting management
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.3
  • fix date based archive URL day and month not properly padded
  • fix wrong order for post type intersection rewrite rules
  • fix few issues with partial intersections rewrite rules

Version: 5.0.1 / september 23 2016

  • edit custom post type: archive rewrite slug with slashes
  • edit custom post type: single rewrite slug with slashes
  • edit custom taxonomy: archive rewrite slug with slashes
  • edit few improvements in loading of the core libraries
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.2
  • edit missing library used on the plugin install/update panel

Version: 5.0 – Rygel / september 20 2016

  • new completely rewritten