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Custom rewrite rules for post types

By default, WordPress doesn’t allow you to make significant changes to the rewrite rules for custom post types. So, with the help of GD Content Tools Pro plugin, you can now customize single post type post URL similar to the customization allowed for default post. But, with this plugin, that goes a few steps further.

Custom Rewrite Rules Settings
Custom permalinks rules for custom post types

The plugin allows you to use various elements related to custom post type to build the permalink. You can choose one of the predefined structures, or you can combine provided elements. This process is not 100% exact, because rewrite rules must be unique, or rewrite rules will be in conflict with some other rules in WordPress. If you want to make permalinks that are too simple or share structure├é with other post types, you can end up having conflicting rules.

The plugin also adds two things that WordPress implements for posts, but it doesn’t have even as an option for custom post types: date-based archives and author archives. It will add new rewrite rules to add date structure to the post type archives for years, months and days, and it will add a rule to add author to these archives too so you can filter posts by the author.

But, most interesting way to expand archives is to include terms based filters through URL’s using archives intersections. It is an intersection between post type and term (or terms) from taxonomies registered for this post type.

Custom post types archives intersections rules

If the post types archives main URL is, it will list all posts for that post type. But, with this plugin, you can include taxonomy terms in the URL to filter posts by the term included in the URL. There are few types of these intersections available and can be very useful especially if your post type links several taxonomies.

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