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Enhance WordPress with Post Types, Taxonomies and Metaboxes

Register and control custom post types and taxonomies. Powerful meta fields and meta boxes management. Extra widgets, custom rewrite rules, enhanced features...

Latest Plugin Release
Version: 6.3
Date: 2024.04.26
Plugin First Released
7 years, 8 months ago
Basic Requirements
PHP: 7.3
WordPress: 5.5
WordPress Multisite
Individual network websites

Expand the WordPress

The plugin that will allow you to easily expand the content management with custom post types and taxonomies, and bring easy to use meta boxes to various WordPress features.

Add custom post types

Add one or more custom post types fully up to date with WordPress specification and some extra stuff added too.

Full control over post type

Change every option WordPress implements for each post type, including features, labels, rewrites, visibility…

Custom Permalinks

Unique system for setting the custom permalink for post type with archive intersections and more.

Add Custom Taxonomies

Add one or more custom taxonomies fully up to date with WordPress specification and some extra stuff added too.

Full control over taxonomy

Change everything WordPress implements for taxonomies, including visibility, labels, features and rewrite rules.

Easy way to rebuild all labels

Set each label variant manually, or simply rely on the plugin to build all labels from the plural and singular only.

Meta fields and boxes

Powerful system for implementing custom meta fields (simple or complex) and create meta boxes from fields, adding them to posts, terms or users.

32 basic data fields

The plugin includes 32 basic data fields that can be used to create new meta fields in various data categories.

Simple meta field

The simple field is made up from a single basic field with support for repeater and required flags.

Custom meta field

It can contain one or more basic fields to create complex data elements that combine text, dropdowns, images…

Metaboxes management

Create metaboxes and assign them to posts (post types supported), terms (any taxonomy) or users for admin side edit integration.

Metabox builder

Add and arrange fields in the metabox, and optionally, arrange fields in the tabbed interface for better organization.

Code Generator

For each metabox, the plugin can generate the PHP code to use for the front end integration to get all the metabox data.

Editor integration

The metabox is integrated into a post, user or terms editor with the desired layout, using contextual controls for fields.

Advanced controls

The plugin uses advanced controls for some fields, including datepicker, AJAX powered selection, image dialog and more.


Most fields support the use of repeaters, allowing you to enter more than one piece of data in the same data field.

Additional plugin features

And, here are some more plugin features

bbPress Support

The plugin can integrate meta boxes and meta fields in topics or replies on the frontend to expand the forms with extra data.

Posts Tagger

Get tags for posts based on content using context via third party engines (Classic Editor only).

WP Toolbar integration

Add menu with additional settings for quick access to all the plugin features inside the WordPress toolbar.

Extra Widgets

The plugin includes additional widgets for terms and the post types that are fully aware of the custom types and taxonomies.

Block/Classic editors support

Change editor used for each post type added by the plugin, and tweaks to change editor for Posts and Pages.

Addons architecture

The plugin uses addons architecture similar to other Dev4Press plugins to add some additional features.

Quick Features Overview

Here is the quick overview of all plugin features

  • Add custom post types
  • Control post type editor
  • Set icon for each post type
  • Control post type features
  • Control post type visibility
  • Control post type rewrite rules
  • Advanced custom permalinks controls
  • Archive intersection URL’s
  • Auto-generate post type labels
  • Post Tagger with contextual tags extraction
  • Post Tagger supports only classic editor
  • Add custom taxonomies
  • Control taxonomy features
  • Control taxonomy visibility
  • Control taxonomy rewrite rules
  • Auto-generate taxonomy labels
  • Widget: terms list
  • Widget: terms cloud
  • Widget: post types list
  • Import Export Tools
  • Addons architecture
  • Addon: bbPress, Post Tagger WP Toolbar
  • 32 basic meta fields supported
  • Simple and Complex meta fields
  • Support for field repeaters
  • Support for required fields
  • Custom functions for select fields data
  • Metabox with a tabbed interface support
  • Add metabox to posts, users, and terms
  • Different metabox layouts
  • Generate code to get metabox data
  • Metaboxes in the bbPress front end
  • Metaboxes in topics and reply forms
  • Quick plugin access Toolbar menu

All Dev4Press premium plugins share these features

Settings Import and Export

Tools to export all plugin settings into file with JSON serialization. You can import settings from that file. This way, you can keep your settings safe or transfer settings between websites.

Dev4Press Library

Dev4Press Shared Library contains code and libraries for implementing unified admin interface, reusable code to speed up plugin development, handle plugin settings and more.

Regular Updates

Regular updates to fix reported bugs, fix any security issues, and enhance and improve every aspect of plugins. And using our Updater plugin, you can update directly from WordPress.

Complete Localization

Using WordPress standard PO/MO translation system, making it easy to translate into any language. Dev4Press includes GlotPress instance to handle translations for all the plugins.

Excellent Support

One of our primary goals is to provide the best support possible. This includes an active support forum and ever-expanding knowledge base to you get all the information you need.

Secure and Clean Code

Made with best coding practices, tested for potential security problems. We are constantly working on maintaining full WordPress compatibility and the highest level of security.

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