5 Enhanced Default Widgets

Some very useful plugins in WordPress are not made to allow a lot of customization and lack options that many users need. To remedy that, GD Clever Widgets Pro plugin adds widgets to replace some of the default widgets with enhanced and more powerful versions. Current plugin version has two widgets, and more widgets are coming.


Enhanced Posts Widget

Filter posts and format them using one of the existing templates. And if you need things different, modify templates though the theme override. Some basic styling is also included.


Posts Widget Terms Filter

Once you select post type, widget allows you to select which terms you want to use to filter posts. It shows all associated taxonomies, and you can add multiple terms to filter by.


Enhanced Text Widget

Enhanced Text widget allows combination of the HTML, PHP and shortcodes in the custom text content. Make sure that functions in PHP you plan to call are loaded or you will get errors.


Enhanced Meta Widget

This is expanded version of default Meta widget. It allows you to select which default links will be displayed and it has filter to expand list of links. Links are split into list groups.


Enhanced Calendar Widget

Select post types to use, adjust different visual elements, improved HTML for better styling and comes with 2 default styles. You can also set month and year to show, or use auto detection.


Enhanced Term Cloud

Select one or more taxonomies, set up sorting and basic filtering to get terms. You can control several display elements, including range of font sizes for terms and some other elements.