17 widgets in version 3.0

The plugin is easy to use, with few settings to control active widgets, and all widgets use a similar tabbed interface with additional shared elements to make customization easier.

List of Enhanced Widgets

Enhanced widgets are based on the functionality provided by the WordPress default widgets. But, each enhanced widgets adds a lot of options to control how the data is retrieved and more importantly, rendered. Templates used by some of these widgets can be replaced through the theme.

Currently, there are 5 enhanced widgets in the GD Clever Widgets Pro plugin version 3.0, but, the plan is to add more widgets to this list, and the next one will be for Comments.

  • Enhanced Meta (v1.4)
  • Enhanced Calendar (v1.1)
  • Enhanced Term Cloud (v1.3)
  • Enhanced Posts
  • Enhanced Text

List of other Widgets

Here is the list of all other currently available widgets in GD Clever Widgets Pro

Content Widgets

  • Featured Post (v1.4)
  • Related Posts (v2.0)
  • Posts Authors (v2.0)
  • Author Information (v2.0)

Navigation Widgets

  • Date Archives Navigator
  • Menu Navigator
  • Pages Navigator
  • Terms Navigator

More Widgets

  • Currency Exchange
  • Units Converter
  • QR Code (v1.3)
  • Video Playlist (v1.1)

Shared Widget Settings

Each widget has standard shared settings allowing you to set some basic things that each widget has and can use and customize. There are two tabs with shared settings: Global and Extra.

The Global tab contains settings for the widget title, additional CSS class, and for some widgets, cache. With the Extra tab including options to control the visibility of the widget and HTML to include before and after rendered the widget content.

As for other settings, each widget can have one, two or three tabs with settings specific to each widget, with the intention to have options organized according to purpose: content, filters, display…