GD bbPress Tools


3.0 – 2020.05.09
  • New Tweak to remove forum and topic Private prefix
  • New Tweak to load search form on top of all forums
  • New Tweak to load search form on top of all topics
  • New reorganized plugin code and the way it is loaded and run
  • New rewritten loading of JavaScript and CSS files
  • New fully reorganized CSS now written using SCSS
  • New loading JavaScript and CSS minified or normal
  • Removed WordPress 4.4 shortcodes update
  • Removed some outdated and unused code
  • Fixed issues when saving some plugin settings
2.2 – 2019.09.02
  • Removed all outdated translations
  • Fixed a minor sanitation issues related to shortcodes
2.1 – 2019.03.10
  • New option to change allowed HTML tags and attributes for topics and replies
  • Updated readme.txt file and included FAQ list
2.0.2 – 2018.08.22
  • Changed default BBCode option to load on bbPress pages only to enabled
  • Updated BBCodes information for potential issue with BuddyPress
  • Updated readme.txt file and included FAQ list
  • Minor core code changes and improvements
2.0.1 – 2018.07.27
  • Updated readme file with new FAQ entries
  • Updated plugin admin code to remove FAQ link
2.0 – 2018.07.25
  • New interface for the plugin settings panel
  • New panel with settings for Tweaks
  • New tweak: show lead topic
  • New tweak: disable breadcrumbs
  • New tweak: topic tags in reply for topic author only
  • New topics view: Topics Freshness
  • Updated toolbar icon to use bbPress dashicon
  • Updated WordPress minimal requirement to 4.4
  • Updated PHP minimal requirement to 5.5
1.9.3 – 2018.02.16
  • Updated function for universal rendering of BBCodes
  • Updated various URL’s included in plugin and readme file
1.9.2 – 2017.10.26
  • Added function to access BBCodes handler functions
  • Updated trim quote content before adding to editor
  • Updated several BBCodes handler functions
  • Fixed topic related issue with the quote BBCode
  • Fixed minor issue with the loading of Views module
1.9.1 – 2017.09.20
  • Updated WordPress minimal requirement to 4.2
  • Updated several broken URL’s
  • Updated and improved readme file
1.9 – 2016.09.24
  • Updated sanitation of the plugin settings on save
  • Updated PHP minimal requirement to 5.3
  • Updated WordPress minimal requirement to 4.0
  • Updated several broken URL’s
  • Updated several missing translation strings
  • Updated signature editors display filters
1.8 – 2015.12.10
  • Auto update signature for shorthand BBCodes
  • Added update tool for WordPress 4.4 shortcodes changes
  • Added few missing translation strings
  • Updated list of BBCodes to remove shorthand notation
  • Updated loading of text domain for centralized translations loading
  • Fixed adding quote BBCode using shorthand notation
  • Fixed list of BBCodes in some cases missing quotes
  • Updated several Dev4Press links
  • Fixed XSS security vulnerability with unsanitized input
  • Added option to enable DIV tag in the content
  • Added check if user can set unfiltered HTML for signatures
  • Added option to allow mixing HTML and BBCode in signatures
  • Improved signature editing process loading and display
  • Fixed display of HTML signatures to non logged users
  • Fixed editing signatures on admin profile page breaks HTML
  • Fixed warning when saving signature in some cases
  • Fixed BuddyPress profile edit shows wrong signature
  • Fixed quote problem caused by filtered DIV tags
  • Fixed order of the quote content wrapper filters
  • Added smilies parsing for user signature
  • Removed support for bbPress 2.2.x
  • Fixed some quote issues with BR tags
  • Fixed quote not working with WordPress 3.9
  • Fixed signatures not working with bbPress 2.4
  • Fixed quote not working with bbPress 2.4
  • Added options to disable any of the plugins bbcodes
  • Improved bbcodes: youtube code supports full url
  • Improved bbcodes: vimeo code supports full url
  • Removed support for bbPress 2.1.x
  • Fixed option for showing and hiding bbCode notice
  • Fixed bbCode youtube and vimeo don’t work with SSL active
  • Select profile group in BuddyPress for signature editor
  • Changed loading order for bbPress 2.3 compatibility
  • Admin side uses proper enqueue method to load style
  • Dropped support for bbPress 2.0
  • Dropped support for WordPress 3.2
  • Fixed quote not setting proper ID for lead topic display
  • Fixed testing for roles allowed for all available tools
  • Fixed missing enhanced info when editing signatures
  • Fixed missing table cell ending for admin side signature editor
  • Fixed signature visible to logged in users only
  • Fixed detection of bbPress 2.2
  • Added support for dynamic roles from bbPress 2.2
  • Added signature edit to BuddyPress profile editor
  • Using enqueue scripts and styles to load files on frontend
  • Various styling improvements to embedded forms and elements
  • Admin menu now uses ‘activate_plugins’ capability by default
  • Screenshots removed from plugin and added into assets directory
  • Fixed duplicated signature form on profile edit page
  • Fixed signature fails to find topic/reply author
  • Fixed signature not displayed when using lead topic
  • Fixed quote not working when using lead topic
  • Fixed quote in some cases quote link is missing
  • Fixed bbcodes not applied when displaying lead topic
  • Fixed another important quote problem with JavaScript
  • Fixed quote not working with HTML editor with fancy editor
  • Fixed scroll in JavaScript for quote with IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed JavaScript use of trim function with IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed problem with quote that breaks the oEmbed
  • BuddyPress with site wide bbPress supported
  • Support for signature editing with admin side profile editor
  • Expanded list of FAQ entries
  • Panel for upgrade to GD bbPress Toolbox
  • Added few missing translation strings
  • Added German Translation
  • Change to generating some links in toolbar menu
  • Fixed quote element that can include attachments also
  • Fixed quote option displayed when not allowed
  • Fixed toolbar menu when there are no forums to show
  • Added Serbian translation
  • Check if bbPress is activated before loading code
  • Fixed toolbar integration bug causing posts edit problems
  • Improvements to shared functions loading
  • Improvements to loading of plugin modules
  • Fixed search topics view for bbPress 2.0.2
  • Updated readme.txt with more information
  • Fixed broken links in the context help
  • Fixed invalid display of user signatures
  • Added user signature with BBCode and HTML support
  • Added use of capabilities for all plugin features
  • Added support for setting up additional custom views
  • Added BBCodes: Vimeo, Image, Font Size, Font Color
  • Added basic support for topics search results view
  • Allows use of the WordPress rich editor for quoting
  • Allows to quote only selected portion of the text
  • When you click quote button, page will scroll to the form
  • Improvements for the bbPress 2.1 compatibility
  • Added BBCodes shortcodes support
  • Added quote reply or topic support
  • Added file with shared functions
  • Plugin features organized into mods
  • First official release

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