User Signatures

As with most other forums, using GD bbPress Toolbox plugin you can add user signatures. Signatures are added after the topic or reply and they can contain HTML or BBCodes markup.


Signature Settings

Plugin allows you to control which user roles can have signatures, maximal length for the signature. Enhanced settings are used to determine if users can use HTML and/or BBCodes to create signatures.


bbPress Profile Editor

On the bbPress user edit panel, plugin adds new form for signature editing, with the notice about signature size and HTML or BBCode use. Similar form is added to the WordPress admin side profile editor.

BuddyPress Intergation

BuddyPress Integration

If you use BuddyPress, plugin can add signature editor to profile editor in BuddyPress, and you can set which Profile Group you want to integrate into.

TinyMCE Editor for Signatures

You can set TinyMCE editor as signature editor, and you can use Compact or Full version. Buttons displayed depend on the user roles and capabilities WordPress and bbPress have set for editor.

BBCodes Toolbar for Signatures

BBCodes Toolbar can be used as signatures editor. Buttons displayed in the toolbar depend on the settings, and same rules will apply as for the topic/reply form. Limit counter can be used with this editor type.