Core Features:

Topic & Reply Editors

Topic and Reply editor in bbPress is a plain Textarea that can include basic HTML buttons without any editing capabilities. This ensures that it will work everywhere and with any theme.

If you want to enable advanced editing capabilities, you can do it with GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. For most users, the best solution is to use WordPress integrated TinyMCE editor, and for more tech savvy forums you can use simple BBCodes toolbar over simple textarea editor.

TinyMCE Editor

TinyMCE editor is part of WordPress and it offers limited control for integration, but it works well with bbPress and it is very easy to use for most users.

TinyMCE Rich Text Editor
TinyMCE Rich Text Editor

You can enable TinyMCE for topic and reply editors. You have several additional settings to control the editor, and all these options are directly supported by WordPress editor function.

But, there are few extra settings you need to take into account to allow the use of Media Library for all user roles (by default, regular users can’t use it) and expanded set of HTML tags and attributes. These options are available on the Editor Settings panel too.

BBCodes Toolbar

Since GD bbPress Toolbox Pro includes over 30 BBCodes, it also includes a simple way to insert BBCodes markup into the content. BBCode Toolbar is not a full editor, it simply can insert formatted BBCodes into content or to wrap selected content into BBCodes (where applicable). Check more about it here.