Core Features:

Integration Tweaks

Plugin integrates into many WordPress and bbPress areas. On this page, you can see these features and how they can be used to further enhance your forums. These are some of the integration features plugin has.


User Statistics

For each topic and reply user information block you can add basic statistical information about user registration date, number of topics and replies.


NoFollow for Links

By default, bbPress adds ‘nofollow’ to some of it’s internal links. With these settings you can disable some of these links for content or authors.


Disable bbPress Breadcrumbs

If you use some third party breadcrumbs solution, you can easily disable bbPress defaults breadcrumbs.


Topics List Icons

Add additional icons for the topics in the topics list (forum, view) to mark private topics or sticky topics.


Topics Display

Modify topic display thread to show lead topic ahead of replies or to reverse replies sorting to descending.