Canned Replies

Canned Replies are very useful tool for administrators (keymasters) and moderators allowing to pre-define common replies and use them when replying to topics or replies in the forums. If you run support forum this is a very handy way to quickly respond to repeating questions or point to existing resources.

Canned Replies Settings

Canned Replies are disabled by default, and you can enable them from the plugin Settings panel. You can change Canned Replies name to something else if you want. And, you can enable use of categories for the replies and you can set the name for that too. Finally, you have one extra option to auto close list of canned replies once you insert one of them into the reply content.

Using Canned Replies

If enabled, Canned Replies will be added to reply forms above the reply editor. Open the list, and click on the reply you want to insert. You can insert more than one reply into the editor.