Most modern standalone forum system supports special BBCodes for the content markup for adding basic styling. GD bbPress Toolbox adds support for BBCodes based on phpBB implementation, but also adds many more new codes.

BBCodes Settings

BBCodes Settings

Settings for BBCodes is the longer panel in the plugin that allows you great control over BBCodes, including options to disable individual BBCodes you don’t want to use.

BBCodes Examples Admin

BBCodes List Panel

All BBCodes are listed on the admin side split into 3 panels for Standard, Advanced and Restricted codes. Each code is listed in one or more variants with basic examples of use.

BBCodes Examples

Examples: Various Codes

Plugin supports 40 BBCodes and most of them can have different variations (with different format) and extra parameters to control the look and behavior. Plugin has Standard, Advanced and Restricted codes. BBCode Quote can be used for Reply with Quote feature, and BBCodes can be used in Signatures.

Hidden / Spoiler

Examples: Spoiler and Hidden

Plugin adds BBCode HIDE that allows you to hide content. It can hide it based on log in status, number of posts in the forums or reply on the topic. You also have SPOILER tag that will paint the text in the same color as background. Hovering with mouse over that content will reveal what is hidden.

Examples: Source Code

Plugin has a BBCode called SCODE for displaying source code with syntax highlighting. Here is the example of the BBCode output:


Toolbar Examples

Editor Toolbar with different sizes

If you use normal editor (not a fancy one), plugin can add Toolbar with all active and visible BBCodes. Buttons have basic functionality to replace or envelop selected content.

Toolbar Settings

Settings for BBCodes Toolbar

You can control which BBCodes groups are visible in the toolbar, which size of the toolbar to use and user roles that can see and use this toolbar. There are some other tweaks too.


Since the plugin uses WordPress shortcode parser to parse and process BBCodes, it has same limitations as the WordPress:

  • You can nest BBCodes as long as they are different types. You can have UL wrapper BBCode and inside of it, you can have LI BBCodes.
  • You can’t nest the same type of BBCodes. You can’t have UL inside another UL. Ordered or unordered list in HTML is allowed, and you can have UL, inside it several LI tags, and in those LI tags, you can have another UL. This will not work in WordPress, and BBCodes written like that will also fail to render properly. This will not change until WordPress fixes the issue.
  • BBCode with short notation will not work. If you want to have BBCode like this one: [url=], that will not work, this must be written in full notation: [url url=””].