Plugin offers very fine control over the attachments upload with global settings and settings that can be set for each individual forum. Plenty of options for attachments upload, display and styling, error logging and more.


Attachments Form

Attachments upload block is added to topic/reply forms (in edit mode too), and they show limit in size and allows uploading of one or more files (limited through settings). All files are uploaded and handled by WordPress Media Manager.


Attached Files

Uploaded files list example containing two images with thumbnails, and two files with file type icons. Each has options to delete or detach file for topic/reply. These options are seen only by administrators, moderators and author.

Attachments Validation

Validate and preview files before upload, check extensions and size. If files don’t validate, form can’t be submitted until invalid files are removed.┬áValidation will work only in HTML5 browsers and you can also disable it in settings.


FontAwesome icons

Plugin can use font icons provided by FontAwesome icons font to add icons for different file types. Plugin uses icons for different groups of file types, and new icons looks much better and modern compared to old plain PNG images.

Global Settings

Global Settings

Plugin settings start with global options for file count and size. Plugin can log errors that occurred during upload based on different criteria: file size exceeded, file type not allowed and other upload problems. You can control what happens to attachments when topic or reply is deleted, and also who can delete (or detach attachment) from topic or reply.

Images Settings

Attached Images Settings

Integration for display of attachments allow a lot of control and options to display file type icons, thumbnails for images (with additional REL/CLASS attributes and aligning. You can set up the size for the thumbnails generated for uploaded images. For each topic in the forum, you can show the small icon marking that topic/reply have attachments.

Allowed MIME Types

Plugin has options to set which MIME Types (basically file types) are allowed for upload. Selection is based on the MIME Types allowed by WordPress, and right now it can’t be expanded with new MIME Types through this plugin. You can still use WordPress own filters to modify this list further if you need that.

Custom MIME Types

If you need to allow upload for files with some specific extensions, you can now add custom extensions and MIME types. Once you add them, you can enable them from Attachments panel as any other MIME Type supported by WordPress by default.

Featured Images

When the images are uploaded as attachments, they are assigned to topics or replies. But, there are cases when it is useful to set one of these images as featured post thumbnails. Plugin offers two options to do this automatically, and you can enable that for topics and / or replies. Theme needs Post Thumbnails support.

If you want to display these images, you need to modify bbPress templates to display featured images, plugin can’t do that.

Attachments Grid

Attachments Admin List

To manage uploaded attachments and to see all upload errors, there are two panels added. Attachments list shows attachments, uploaders, topics/replies and forum for each one. Error log shows all upload errors.