Supercharge the Forums

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is packed with a lot of features for expanding and enhancing bbPress powered forums for WordPress

Start with the Dashboard

The plugin has own dashboard showing a lot of information about the forums, and various of the plugin features. There are also several shortcuts to access various plugin panels and features.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is a huge plugin that has hundreds of features, and it can be very overwhelming to navigate and configure the plugin. And the dashboard is a way to ease the user into the plugin interface and plugin features.

The Features

The plugin has a lot of features, and big part of the features are inside the modules. This makes a lot of things about the plugin configuration easier, and it allows for optimizing the plugin if you don’t use all the modules.

To learn more about the modules, check out the main article about the plugin modules with short descriptions and some screenshots.

The Attachments

One of the most important features in the forums is to give users the ability to upload files. Attachments implemented by GD bbPress Toolbox Pro rely on the WordPress Media Library and also implement a lot of extra things to make the upload of files, management and control easier.

To learn more about the attachments, check out the article that includes an overview and some useful screenshots.

Setup Wizard

When you install the plugin for the first time, you can start by using Setup Wizard. The wizard doesn’t include all the settings, but, it will go through the most important features and additional settings for them. You can run the wizard any time you want, and it will affect only the features that are included in the wizard.

Additional forums Widgets

Currently, the plugin has 9 widgets. Some of the widgets are made to replace default bbPress widgets and expand them with more settings and better control. All widgets share the unified and tab-based interface making them easy to use. Here is the list of all widgets with descriptions:

BBCodes and the Toolbar

BBCodes are standard forums method for text and content enhancement, and they are forums standard for 20+ years. And, for bbPress, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro implements BBCodes as shortcodes and includes over 40 shortcodes in the version 5.8.

To learn more about the BBCodes and the ways they can be used and implemented for content editing, check out dedicated article.

Tools and Administration

The plugin has several important and useful tool, including a panel for complete removal and reset of the plugin, closing topics, removing logged IP’s and more. Also, the admin side management for the plugin contains additional panels for list of attachments, upload errors, forum users and more. And plugin integrates into various bbPress panels to include extra information.