Version: 4.5.1 / January 27 2016

  • edit d4pLib 1.8.9
  • fix multisite issue with the blog switching functions
  • fix multisite issue with deletion of the blog tables
  • fix first unread topic reply link always links to last reply
  • fix few small issues with generating unread marks for topics

Version: 4.5 / January 19 2016

  • new topics: track last access time for each user
  • new topics: display badges for new and unread topics for loggedin user
  • new topics: links to unread replies for loggedin user
  • new module: disable and redirect selected RSS feeds
  • new report: select method for reporting topic or reply
  • new report: methods to send report without filling the form
  • new dashboard widget: display latest topics and replies activity
  • new redirect: blocked users
  • new redirect: no access to private forums
  • new redirect: no access to hidden forums
  • new view: my favorite topics
  • new view: my subscribed topics
  • new multisite: remove tables for deleted blogs
  • new user stats: filter for the registration date format
  • new show icon for the temporary locked topic
  • new all image icons moved into separate stylesheet file
  • new added few image icons for some new plugin features
  • new filter to replace default icons stylesheet file
  • new filter to control list of attachment file icons sets
  • new object for handling rendering of all icons/marks
  • new plugin now requires bbPress 2.5 or newer
  • new plugin now requires WordPress 4.2 or newer
  • edit enabled moderators access to some plugin admin panels
  • edit enabled moderators access to TinyMCE Media Buttons
  • edit attachment BBCode: show as image for selected image types
  • edit changed title of the Online Users dashboard widget
  • edit use different icon for marking private topics in the topics list
  • edit show selected image types as a links, not as the thumbnails
  • edit expanded list of filters in mu plugins custom code example file
  • edit improved main styling for better display of inline images
  • edit improved file enqueue to load icons when needed
  • edit improved organization of plugin form files
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.8
  • edit removed outdated and unsued images
  • fix several styling issues with the forum meta boxes
  • fix thumbnail for TIFF type displayed as the blank thumbnail

Version: 4.4.6 / January 11 2016

  • edit improved method for handling thanks buttons
  • fix thanks buttons not working in some rare cases

Version: 4.4.5 / December 27 2016

  • fix fatal error with some PHP versions

Version: 4.4.4 / December 27 2016

  • new translation: fa_IR – Persian / Farsi
  • new bbcodes toolbar: show only active and available BBCodes buttons
  • edit bbcodes: webshot serves HTTP/HTTPS based URL
  • edit updated various URL’s to reflect Dev4Press Network changes
  • edit disabled use of moderation based user roles for admin panels
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.7
  • fix bbcodes: restricted BBCodes disabling not working properly
  • fix bbcodes: restriction processing ignores uppercase codes
  • fix bbcodes: restriction processing not working on edit
  • fix bbcodes: restriction processing always shows message
  • fix problem with some settings after the plugin is updated

Version: 4.4.3 / November 1 2016

  • edit d4pLib 1.8.4
  • fix issue with the topic lock and access to locked topic
  • fix topic lock template misspelling of word Temporarily

Version: 4.4.2 / October 20 2016

  • new option to allow visitors to use advanced BBCodes
  • edit few minor changes to some of the options descriptions
  • fix media upload control constant not defined warning

Version: 4.4.1 / October 16 2016

  • new filter to control display of the user stats online status
  • new tools panel to recheck database and update plugin settings
  • edit new posts widget: notice about the access rights option
  • edit some small updates to the tools panel organization
  • edit expanded list of filters in the MU override script
  • edit updated sv_SE translation file
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.3
  • fix online status widget: some settings ignored
  • fix few translation strings minssing from the POT file

Version: 4.4 / September 27 2016

  • new attachments: add download attribute to files links
  • new attachments: option to remove ‘insert into content’ button
  • new attachments: disable limits for selected user roles
  • new attachments: improved error validation messages
  • new attachments: extra panel with deletion settings
  • new attachments: delete attachments from topic/reply edit
  • new report: option to disable scroll to report form behavior
  • new report: show on the front if the topic or reply are reported
  • new additional capabilities for control over admin side panels
  • new options to allow moderator access to some admin side panels
  • new options to select roles that can see front forum statistics block
  • new option to allow only topic author to modify tags in reply
  • new plugin has new icon for WordPress admin side menu
  • edit attachments: some settings are moved to different panels
  • edit attachments: various improvements in the display of attachments
  • edit attachments: add another attachment styled as a button
  • edit quotes: display allowed HTML tags option on quotes settings panel
  • edit improvements to the styling of the BBCode toolbar buttons
  • edit changes in the way JavaScript files are compressed
  • edit additional information for many of the plugin settings
  • edit few more settings validation improvements and changes
  • edit d4pLib 1.8.2
  • del removed search topics widget
  • del removed search topics results view
  • fix attachments: button for adding files gone in some cases
  • fix attachments: delete attachment parameters not sanitized
  • fix translations in some rare cases can break JavaScript code

Version: 4.3.5 / September 15 2016

  • edit optimizations in functions getting latest topics and replies
  • fix slow query from using post_date_gmt column in some queries

Version: 4.3.4 / September 8 2016

  • new forum statistcs function results are now cached
  • edit replaced statistical function for counting users
  • fix slow query from WordPress count_users function

Version: 4.3.3 / September 5 2016

  • edit improvements to the main frontend CSS stylesheet
  • edit d4pLib 1.8
  • fix styling problems when using bbPress shortcodes

Version: 4.3.2 / August 11 2016

  • edit say thanks: shows message after saving thanks
  • edit d4pLib 1.7.8
  • fix say thanks: shows removal link after thanks
  • fix some styling missing from minified CSS file
  • fix missing base class for the list of attachments panel

Version: 4.3.1 / August 2 2016

  • new report: scroll screen to the top of the form
  • new report: replace report button after submit report
  • new report: filter for list of emails where notification is sent
  • edit report: improved detection for waiting reports only
  • edit report: small improvements in the positioning of the form
  • edit d4pLib 1.7.7
  • fix report: detection of report position not working in some cases
  • fix report: display of topic/reply forum in the report grid

Version: 4.3 / July 19 2016

  • new report topic or reply to keymaster or moderator
  • new modify the list of allowed HTML tags and attributes
  • new process shortcodes for email notifications
  • new using AJAX for Say Thanks module
  • new improved sanitation of plugins settings on save
  • edit improvements to all plugin admin side grids
  • edit small changes in the settings organization
  • edit small changes in the default settings values
  • edit updated all SQL queries to go through wrapper object
  • edit improvements to JS/CSS compression and minification
  • edit d4pLib 1.7.6
  • fix wrong date comparison in functions to get latest posts
  • fix few small issues with the main JavaScript file

Version: 4.2.1 / June 22 2016

  • edit few minor improvements to plugin styling with BuddyPress
  • edit changes to some of the plugin default settings
  • edit d4pLib 1.7.5
  • fix problem with adding multiple attachments with new jQuery
  • fix attachment preview before upload for some file names

Version: / May 17 2016

  • edit internationalization of date display for online users
  • edit updated sv_SE translation file
  • fix option for topic duplication was hidden

Version: 4.2 / May 16 2016

  • new bbcode toolbar: accessibility support
  • new attachments: accessibility support
  • new admin interface: accessibility support
  • new forum index: basic forum statistics block
  • new view: most thanked topics
  • new view: my most thanked topics
  • new lock: conditional functions for locked topics and replies
  • new show topic thumbnail if available in the forum topics list
  • new online users: track maximum number of online users
  • new private reply: basic threaded replies support
  • new new posts widget: option to exclude forums by forum ID
  • edit online users widget: show maximum number of users ever
  • edit quote: attempt to close broken HTML before adding
  • edit bbcode toolbar: toolbar buttons now use BUTTON tag
  • edit attachments: many changes to attachment rendering
  • edit several improvements to public functions organization
  • edit d4pLib 1.7.0
  • fix online users tracking: duplicated run of tracking code
  • fix online users widget: warning related to tracking cookie
  • fix few minor issues with several functions names

Version: 4.1.1 / April 21 2016

  • edit updated sv_SE translation file
  • edit d4pLib 1.6.6
  • fix users stats integration: thanks count displayed wrong
  • fix problem with source code BBCodes in some cases
  • fix few typos and missing translation strings

Version: / March 31 2016

  • fix invalid URL for the admin side attachments list page
  • fix missing items per page screen option for attachments list
  • fix uing search field for the attachments list not working

Version: / March 28 2016

  • fix settings from BBCodes panel not saving
  • fix few small settings description issues

Version: 4.1 / March 28 2016

  • new widget: enhanced forum statistics
  • new BBCode: highlight
  • new BBCode: heading
  • new BBCode hide can be set to check for thanks
  • new BBCode attachment attempts to replace file name with ID
  • new shows thanks counts inside user stats area
  • new redirect non-logged users to custom URL or home page
  • new fitvids library for auto sizing videos added using BBCodes
  • new admin panel for Views, Modules, Attachments and BBCodes
  • new reorganization of settings with new groups and panels
  • new individual BBCodes settings moved into own panels
  • new posts widget has option to show author avatar
  • new posts widget filters post by author access rights
  • new filters for the items in the user counts area
  • new actions fired when users says and removes thanks
  • new basic help tab for all plugin admin pages
  • new mu-plugins based filters override php starter file
  • new more knowledge base links for various plugin features
  • new plugin now requires WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • edit improved styling for the thanks list of users
  • edit improvements to the WordPress toolbar plugin menu
  • edit all grids now have full sanitation of input data
  • edit internal file structures improvements
  • edit updated method for loading translations
  • edit d4pLib 1.6.3
  • edit removed some duplicated functions
  • edit removed standalone export handler file
  • fix minor issue with attachment insert into content control
  • fix problem with canned replies menu position in some cases
  • fix few problems with BBCodes toolbar when used on admin side
  • fix some filter and action names were named wrong
  • fix private topics and replies admin colum always empty
  • fix private topics and replies undefined variable
  • fix profile widget misspelling of word Subscription
  • fix settings panel misspelling of word Enhancements

Version: 4.0.8 / February 4 2015

  • edit quote loading workaround for BuddyPress integration
  • edit d4pLib 1.5.9
  • fix quote button not displayed in some cases
  • fix typo: replayed used instead of replied
  • fix typo: subsciptions used instead of subscriptions

Version: 4.0.7 / December 28 2015

  • edit d4pLib 1.5.5
  • fix missing tag in the notification settings description

Version: 4.0.6 / December 10 2015

  • edit auto update signature for shorthand BBCodes
  • edit updated sv_SE translation file
  • fix minor issue with the main JavaScript file

Version: 4.0.5 / December 9 2015

  • new update tool added for WordPress 4.4 shortcodes changes
  • new global update confirmation notice after plugin is updated
  • edit list of BBCodes updated to remove shorthand notation
  • edit list of used BBCodes formats for toolbar updated
  • new updated sv_SE translation file
  • fix list of BBCodes in some cases are missing quotes
  • fix list of toolbar BBCodes in some cases are missing quotes
  • fix adding quote BBCode using shorthand notation

Version: 4.0.4 / December 8 2015

  • new added Apple Swift support for Syntax Highlighting
  • new expand list of Syntax Highlighting brushes for auto load
  • new toolbar menu expanded with Knowledge Base and Support Forum links
  • edit d4pLib 1.5.3
  • fix issues with private topics and replies created by anonymous users
  • fix some outdated links in the WordPres toolbar menu
  • fix some outdated links on the About Dev4Press panel
  • fix minor problem with enqueuing files on the admin side
  • fix few typos and missing translation strings

Version: 4.0.3 / Novemeber 21 2015

  • new added WordPress plugin flag Private
  • edit removed PHP close tags from end of all PHP files
  • edit fully tested with upcoming WordPress 4.4
  • edit some important loading changes and improvements
  • edit d4pLib 1.5.2
  • fix wrong link used for reply to topic for thanks feature
  • fix several missing strings from translation file

Version: 4.0.2 / October 30 2015

  • fix topic lock options is always active regardless of settings
  • fix problem with escaping string function for SQL query in PHP 5.5 and newer

Version: 4.0.1 / October 22 2015

  • new online users widget: option to show / hide user roles
  • new dedicated function to get list of online users
  • edit online users widgets are using new function to get users list
  • edit d4pLib 1.5
  • edit updated sv_SE translation file
  • fix attachment BBCode name not sanitized before search for attachment
  • fix online users widget now showing only user display name
  • fix source code BBCode was parsing shortcodes inside of it

Version: 4.0 / October 5 2015

  • new module: say thanks for topics and replies
  • new module: define and use canned replies
  • new module: track users and guests online status
  • new functions: set of functions to override by theme
  • new functions: display signature for any user anywhere
  • new bbcode: scode for displaying formated source code
  • new syntax highlighting for source code shortcode
  • new widget: display online users and guests
  • new widgets: template based rendering for all widgets
  • new dashboard widget: display online users and guests
  • new forums: expanded attachments settings override
  • new forums: lock topic / reply form override settings
  • new topics: option to temporaraly lock any topic
  • new topics: option to duplicate any topic
  • new tweak: fix the user/view pages 404 status error
  • new tweak: enable media library upload for TinyMCE for Participant
  • new tweak: disable make_clickable filter for topics and replies
  • new tweak: disable mention filter for topics and replies
  • new tweak: position for some topics and replies actions
  • new attachments: alternative placement for attachments list
  • new functions for custom signatures integration
  • new secondary action area added at the topic/reply bottom
  • new child / parent inheritance of forum settings
  • new send notification to subscribers on topic edit
  • new send notification to forum subscribers on new topic
  • new replace content and subject for forum notification emails
  • new options to display user online status in topic and reply
  • new options to enforce min/max length for title and content
  • new additional bbPress related links for Nav Menus
  • new display links to Knowledge Base for some plugin settings
  • new database tables to store data about user actions
  • new convert individual forum settings to new format
  • php tested for compatibility with upcoming PHP7
  • edit updated some private topic/reply style colors
  • edit improved CSS for some of the BBCodes
  • edit renamed some CSS classes for naming consistency
  • edit attachment shortcode no longer limiting parent post
  • edit rewritten adding of Quote links for topics and replies
  • edit rewritten handling of the forum settings metabox
  • edit rewritten loading of privacy checkbox settings
  • edit rewritten loading of attachments module
  • edit improvements to plugin JavaScript core code
  • edit improvements to many plugin core functions
  • edit refactored main settings object and access function
  • edit various adminisitration improvements and tweaks
  • edit d4pLib 1.4.6
  • edit updated pt_BR translation file
  • fix minor styling issues with new posts widget
  • fix minor issues with BBCode toolbar button replacement
  • fix attachments display styling issues with inline images
  • fix few issues with BBCode toolbar replacement of BBCodes
  • fix user profile widget appears empty due to some settings
  • fix problem with file size check for attached files
  • fix private topic CSS class not applied in all cases

Version: 3.8.3 / September 9 2015

  • edit add line breaks after the content added to editor
  • edit changed minification for main plugin JavaScript code
  • edit changed minification for jQuery Browser plugin
  • edit jQuery jqEasyCharCounter Extended
  • edit jQuery Textrange 1.3.3
  • edit updated sv_SE translation file
  • fix buttons broken with signature BBCode editor
  • fix missing semicolon in minified JavaScript file
  • fix BBCode Toolbar issue with some BBCodes replacement
  • fix cursor stuck inside HTML quote in TinyMCE

Version: 3.8.2 / September 7 2015

  • edit d4pLib 1.4.4
  • fix attachments list styling for responsive layouts

Version: 3.8.1 / August 17 2015

  • new translation: de_DE – Deutsch / German
  • edit d4pLib 1.4.1
  • edit updated pt_BR translation file
  • fix broken remove of custom MIME types

Version: 3.8 / May 27 2015

  • new new posts widget can show topic/reply author
  • new new posts widget now has template to override
  • new option to open attachments in blank page
  • new option to enable KSES support for IMG tag Class attribute
  • new add close topic checkbox to replies for some roles
  • new search topics view widget now has template to override
  • new remove topic action link: Merge
  • new remove reply action link: Split
  • new settings panel for topics and replies features
  • new check for reply form access when displaying quote link
  • new translation: sv_SE – Svenska / Swedish
  • edit few minor changes to the display of attachments
  • edit several improvements to TinyMCE specific styling
  • edit d4pLib
  • edit updated pt_BR translation file
  • edit removed outdated and incomplete translations
  • fix attachments display alignment issue without caption
  • fix several small styling issues on the admin side

Version: 3.7.1 / May 5 2015

  • edit improved main admin side enqueue files process
  • edit d4pLib 1.3.5
  • fix forced JS/CSS loading fails for the BBCode Toolbar
  • fix forced JS/CSS loading fails for the BBCodes
  • fix display of last activity in the Users grid

Version: 3.7 / April 22 2015

  • new set caption for attachments before upload
  • new enhanced attachments upload form is responsive
  • new new detect and load of the plugin JS and CSS files
  • new option to change attachments form position
  • new option to change privacy checkbox form position
  • edit escaping urls from add_query_args function
  • edit attachments display shows caption if available
  • edit improvements to TinyMCE styling for BuddyPress integration
  • edit changes to some settings default values
  • edit several small styling improvements
  • edit load always option moved to advanced settings
  • edit d4pLib
  • fix upgrade notice displayed while upgrading plugin
  • fix few minor problems with minified CSS files

Version: 3.6.4 / April 8 2015

  • new filter to modify allowed user roles for moderation
  • edit d4pLib 1.3.4
  • fix attachments on upload preview not working for uppercase filenames
  • fix private reply not always visibile to topic author

Version: 3.6.3 / March 18 2015

  • edit d4pLib 1.3.3
  • fix detection of allowed features in some very rare cases
  • fix potential security vulnerability with attachments grid

Version: 3.6.2 / March 7 2015

  • fix attachments shortcode missing embedded file HREF attribute
  • fix some styling issues with enhanced attachments

Version: 3.6.1 / March 5 2015

  • edit forum meta box checks if modules are active
  • edit updated pt_BR translation file
  • fix forum edit page broken if attachments are disabled

Version: 3.6 / March 3 2015

  • new protect display of topic/reply revisions
  • new seo tools module
  • new seo: meta description tags
  • new seo: override topic/reply default excerpts
  • new seo: override forum/topic/reply meta title
  • new seo: meta robot for private topics/replies
  • new seo: rich snippet breadcrumbs
  • new widget: current topic information
  • new tools: close old and inactive topics
  • new rewritten admin side forum metabox
  • new override privacy settings for each forum
  • new select roles that can create private topic/reply
  • new list current attachments in topic/reply mode
  • new signature filter for before the display
  • new options for topic/reply admin side panel columns
  • new topic/reply admin side panel privacy column
  • new attachment validation always prevents .js and .php files
  • new new posts widget rewrited functions to get data
  • new widgets have own CSS styles file
  • new options to disable more bbPress default widgets
  • edit new posts widget uses reply names and URL’s
  • edit few improvements to the plugin adminbar menu
  • edit improvements to attachments module
  • edit improvements to signatures module
  • edit improvements css/js compression
  • edit many improvements to all plugin widgets
  • edit d4pLib 1.3.2
  • fix broken enhanced signatures and signatures editor
  • fix broken signature display in some cases for visitors
  • fix problem with loading signature module
  • fix private topic CSS class not always applied
  • fix new posts widget problems with getting data
  • fix basic wrappers missing for all widgets
  • fix several styling issues with user profile widget

Version: 3.5.5 / February 23 2015

  • new signatures display additional processing
  • new more options to control signature display
  • edit d4pLib 1.3.1
  • fix broken filtering for signature content editing
  • fix broken buddypress signature edit is some cases

Version: 3.5.2 / February 18 2015

  • new filter to control private topics/replies checkbox
  • fix buddypress links removal with broken base object

Version: 3.5.1 / February 6 2015

  • edit few more improvements to JavaScript file
  • edit round attachment size to 2 decimals
  • edit d4pLib
  • fix broken insert attachment into content

Version: 3.5 / February 5 2015

  • new options to control private topics
  • new options to control private replies
  • new use of BBCodes toolbar to edit signatures
  • new use of TinyMCE editor to edit signatures
  • new limit roles that can edit signatures
  • new panel listing all users active in forums
  • new option to enable titles for replies
  • new option to change length for the titles
  • new option to disable Toolbar information submenu
  • new topic icons: user replied to topic
  • new topic icons: topic is set as sticky
  • new auto flush rewrite rules on saving Views
  • edit various improvements to main style file
  • edit various improvements to rendering of icons
  • edit fully reorganized main JavaScript file
  • edit various improvements to the quote object
  • edit updated list of included icons PNG file
  • edit reorganization of some settings panels
  • edit d4pLib 1.3
  • edit FontAwesome 4.3.0
  • fix problems with quote envelop filters order
  • fix BBCodes examples missing double quotes
  • fix several minor styling problems

Version: 3.4.2 / January 17 2015

  • new browser detection in JavaScript
  • new granular display of allowed attachment size
  • edit changes to the attachment form theme template
  • edit few minor updates to meta boxes forms
  • edit d4pLib
  • fix enhanced attachments displayed in outdated browsers

Version: 3.4.1 / January 9 2015

  • edit capabilities check work even with no administrator role
  • edit quote BBCode now parses shortcodes inside the quote
  • edit list attachments in the order of the upload
  • edit d4pLib 1.2.9
  • fix issue with attachments validation submit button
  • fix some minor issues with saving plugin settings

Version: 3.4 / December 16 2014

  • new views: integration of Views into Nav Menus
  • new attachments: enhanced file selection with image preview
  • new attachments: insert into content before upload
  • new bbcode: attachment for getting topic/reply attachments
  • new signature: saving checks if user can post unfiltered HTML
  • new widgets: topic views allows for reordering of views list
  • new widgets: all now have before and after HTML
  • new settings to disable bbPress adding ‘nofollow’ to links
  • new settings panel to add new MIME Types
  • new option to reverse replies order on the topic page
  • new show notice to disable our free bbPress plugins
  • edit renamed old functions to avoid collision with free plugins
  • edit widgets: all use new and improved tabbed layout
  • edit widgets: all are renamed to avoid confusion
  • edit few updates to the plugin admin side interface
  • edit FontAwesome 4.2.0
  • edit d4pLib 1.2.6
  • fix widgets: not applying custom css class to all widgets
  • fix attachments: some minor styling issues

Version: 3.3.1 / November 5 2014

  • edit d4pLib 1.1
  • fix attachments log: delete and unattach not working
  • fix attachments log: bulk delete and unattach not working
  • fix errors log: delete not working
  • fix errors log: bulk delete not working

Version: 3.3 / August 22 2014

  • new attachments: client side validation for size and type
  • new attachments: show file size and type before upload
  • new attachments: option to reset attachment input field
  • new attachments: confirmation when deleting or detaching
  • new view: my topics with no replies
  • new view: my topics with most replies
  • new option to lock all forums for new topics
  • new option to lock all topics for new replies
  • new option to enable adding of DIV into allowed tag
  • new option to show last user activity column in the users panel
  • edit attachments: file types with new FontAwesome file icons
  • edit expanded instructions for some of the settings
  • edit FontAwesome 4.1.0
  • edit d4pLib 1.0.6
  • fix attachments list styling with font based icons
  • fix problems with upload of audio and video attachments
  • fix quote problem caused by filtered DIV tags

Version: 3.2 / July 8 2014

  • new view: topics with my replies
  • new view: all my topics (active and closed)
  • new option to disable views that require log in
  • edit encoded BBCodes toolbar buttons contents
  • edit expanded instructions for some of the settings
  • edit clear instructions for BBCodes toolbar activation
  • edit several styling improvements for quotes
  • edit d4pLib 1.0.3
  • fix BBCodes toobar problems with some theme templates
  • fix my active topics view was showing closed topics
  • fix views widget warnings for views no longer registered

Version: 3.1.4 / June 25 2014

  • fix duplicated define entry for last activity constant

Version: 3.1.3 / June 21 2014

  • fix email notifications override number of filter parameters

Version: 3.1.2 / June 15 2014

  • edit changed loading of some core libraries
  • fix several missing string from translation file
  • fix several broken settings on admin side

Version: 3.1.1 / June 12 2014

  • new tracking cookie number of days for expiration
  • new extra cookie for the current session
  • edit improvement to the ‘since last visit’ view
  • edit d4pLib 1.0.2

Version: 3.1 / May 15 2014

  • new auto set first attached image as post thumbnail
  • new selection of allowed mime types for attachments upload
  • new options to register extra features for forum post type
  • new options to register extra features for topic post type
  • new options to register extra features for reply post type
  • new view: topics by freshness
  • new theme can override attachments form template
  • new theme can override signature form edit templates for bbPress and BuddyPress
  • edit attachments form template notice display improvements
  • edit many admin side styling improvements
  • edit d4pLib 1.0.1
  • fix quote issue with rich editor in WordPress 3.9
  • fix quote issue with BR tags not properly stripped

Version: 3.0.1 / April 23 2014

  • new signature: process smilies when displaying
  • fix posts deletion problem caused by attachments module

Version: 3.0 / April 16 2014

  • new completely new administration interface
  • new administration interface is now responsive
  • new show user registration date in topics/replies
  • new show user posts counts in topics/replies
  • new bbcodes: toolbar for quick access to codes
  • new bbcodes: toolbar uses FontAwesome font icons
  • new signatures: enhanced signature settings
  • new signatures: user can mix HTML and BBCodes
  • new attachments: use font icons or images for icons
  • new bbPress: disable login widget
  • new bbPress: disable dashboard right now widget
  • new tools: export and import plugin settings
  • new tools: reset plugin settings
  • new widgets: expanded new posts time period index
  • new enhance: disable bbPress breadcrumbs
  • new now using WordPress List Table based grids
  • new now using d4pLib shared code library
  • new uses FontAwesome font icons for admin interface
  • new uses DashIcons font icons for admin interface
  • edit refactoring of filters/actions names
  • edit refactoring of most functions names
  • edit changed form elements for signature edit
  • del removed support for bbPress 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2
  • del removed shared gdr2 library
  • del removed dependency on jQueryUI
  • del removed many obsolete or duplicated functions
  • fix buddypress editing custom fields can remove signature
  • fix styling issues caused by the bbPress layout changes
  • fix widgets: broken new posts time period index
  • fix several small issues with attachments block layout
  • fix bbcode email broken: wrong protection encoding method
  • fix list of bbcodes for display purposes missing some codes
  • fix problem with periods selection for new posts widget

Version: 2.0 / september 11 2013

  • new widget: logged in user profile
  • new views: current user active (open) topics
  • new views: new topics/replies in the last 3 days
  • new bbcode: hide
  • new bbcode: spoiler
  • new bbcode: topic link
  • new bbcode: reply link
  • edit improved form integration for attachments
  • edit all widgets have option for extra CSS class
  • edit few improvements to signatures integration
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.10.3
  • fix hardcoded posts table for custom views
  • fix warnings with views module query modification

Version: 1.6.3 / september 3 2013

  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • fix signatures not working with bbPress 2.4
  • fix quotes not working with bbPress 2.4
  • fix saving plugin settings fails in some cases

Version: 1.6.2 / september 3 2013

  • edit many improvements to handling of bbCodes
  • fix few attachments module initialization problems
  • fix issue with attachments DIV not closed properly
  • fix few typos and missing translation strings
  • fix bbCode youtube and vimeo don’t work with SSL active
  • fix bbCode notice option was not used by the plugin

Version: 1.6.1 / june 25 2013

  • new replace content and subject for subscribe notification emails
  • new replace sender email and name for subscribe notification emails
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.8.2 shared library
  • edit removed all unused debugger related code
  • fix bbCode use info on signature edit when bbCodes are disabled

Version: 1.6 / may 10 2013

  • new module: control over the topic fancy editor
  • new module: control over the reply fancy editor
  • new option to disable BBCodes you don’t need
  • edit optimized and improved custom views queries

Version: 1.5.1 / april 21 2013

  • new select profile group in BuddyPress for signature editor
  • edit changed upload field location to end of the form
  • fix missing enhanced info when editing signatures
  • fix minor problem with quote removing filters
  • fix missing table cell ending for admin side signature editor

Version: / april 19 2013

  • fix quote not setting proper ID for lead topic display

Version: 1.5 / march 31 2013

  • new confirmed plugin support for bbpress 2.3
  • new bbcodes: youtube code supports full url
  • new bbcodes: vimeo code supports full url
  • edit updated bbpress user profile signature editor form
  • edit changed method for enqueuing scripts and css files
  • edit changed loading of modules init and order
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.9.2
  • edit updated jquery qtip2 library to 2.0.1
  • fix various warnings due to missing variables check

Version: / march 26 2013

  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • fix minor problem with the widgets initialization
  • fix attempts to load CSS file that is no longer in use

Version: 1.4 / december 13 2012

  • new support for dynamic roles with bbpress 2.2
  • new toolbar: support for new bbpress 2.2 tools
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.8 shared library
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.9.2
  • edit updated jquery ui multiselect to 1.14_dev
  • fix roles selection dropdowns not saving changes
  • fix duplicated signature form on profile edit page
  • fix broken url’s to images in main CSS file

Version: 1.3.1 / november 21 2012

  • edit confirmed compatibility with bbPress 2.2
  • edit some changes for WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • edit styling updates for TwentyTwelve theme
  • fix detecting script debug mode generates warning

Version: 1.3 / november 16 2012

  • new enhancing: remove buddypress profile url overrides
  • new bbcode: filters to restrict and strip shortcodes
  • new bbcode: restricted codes section
  • new bbcode: embed using oEmbed for supported providers
  • new bbcode: nfo (monospaced info files)
  • new bbcode: email
  • new bbcode: anchor
  • new bbcode: webshot (screenshot for url)
  • new bbcode: iframe (restricted)
  • new bbcode: function to return list of bbcodes and information
  • edit bbcode: improved youtube and vimeo implementation
  • edit bbcode: improvements to main bbcodes class
  • edit bbcode: improvements to panel listing codes
  • edit updated some styling elements on admin side
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • edit updated qtip 2.0 library to latest nightly
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.9.1
  • fix bbcode: not applied when displaying lead topic
  • fix detecting script debug mode generates warning
  • fix several php warnings and notices

Version: 1.2.2 / november 2 2012

  • new enhancing bbPress: always show lead topic
  • new translation: German
  • new translation: Serbian
  • edit signature: improvements to display filters
  • edit attachments: improvements to display filters
  • edit quote: improvements to display filters
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 shared library
  • fix signature: fails to find topic/reply author
  • fix signature: not displayed when using lead topic
  • fix attachments: using actions instead of filters for content
  • fix quote: not working when using lead topic
  • fix quote: in some cases quote link is missing
  • fix minor problem with saving plugin settings

Version: 1.2.1 / october 18 2012

  • new bbcode: admin panel with list of all bbcodes
  • new widgets: new posts can display date with topics
  • new widgets: new posts allows selection of posts type
  • fix view: new posts since last visit broken
  • fix view: new posts broken when slug for it is changed

Version: 1.2 / october 12 2012

  • new bbcode: line break tag – br
  • new views: new topics/replies in the last week
  • new views: new topics/replies in the last month
  • new views: set your own slugs and titles for views
  • edit quote: few missing translation strings
  • edit toolbar: Change to generating some links in toolbar menu
  • fix quote: scroll in javascript with ie7 and ie8
  • fix quote: javascript use of trim function with ie7 and ie8
  • fix quote: hook order breaks the oembed feature
  • fix quote: option displayed even when not allowed

Version: 1.1 / october 7 2012

  • new views: new topics/replies since last visit/activity
  • new views: new topics/replies in the last 24 hours
  • new views: filter allowing to change views slugs
  • new widget: new topics/replies for selected timeframe
  • new signature: buddypress profiles support to edit signature
  • new tools: options to track latest user activity time
  • new toolbar: show menu to normal visitors if toolbar is active
  • new languages: added german translation
  • edit updated to latest gdr2 2.7.9 shared library
  • edit updated jquery ui library to 1.8.24
  • edit updated jquery multiselect library to 1.13
  • fix duplicated registration for reply embed filter
  • fix toolbar menu broken when there are no forums or views
  • fix quote element was also including attachments
  • fix few small issues with the WordPress 3.5

Version: 1.0.1 / june 14 2012

  • edit improved detection for bbpress
  • edit shared code library gdr2 updated to 2.7.6
  • fix toolbar integration causing post edit problems

Version: 1.0.0 / may 27 2012

  • new: first official version