GD bbPress Toolbox Changelog

Here you can find the latest changelog for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin. For older releases, historical changelogs are linked at the end of the page.

Version: 7.5.1 / june 13 2024
  • edit added license validation check control to Dashboard
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.9.1
Version: 7.5 / june 03 2024
  • new feature: nav menu items; add bbPress related links to menus
  • new nav menu items: replacing the old Navigation implementation
  • new nav menu items: support for the Customizer integration
  • new plugin icons font refresh with size optimization
  • new setup wizard rewritten to use library wizard controls
  • new setup wizard includes license field as a first step
  • new journal topic: edit the journal status for existing topics
  • new post anonymously: reveal original author to keymaster or moderator
  • new attachments: thumbnail layout selection; grid or inline
  • new attachments: topic thread thumbnail layout selection; grid or inline
  • new seo tweaks: noindex for single reply pages
  • new seo tweaks: noindex for single user profile pages
  • new seo tweaks: single reply canonical URL to topic thread
  • new forum overrides metabox: show default and inherited values
  • new members panel shows the description column
  • edit seo tweaks: additional information included for settings
  • edit seo tweaks: changes to the settings panel organization
  • edit all features now have knowledge base articles links
  • edit forum overrides object improved loading and setup
  • edit various improvements to activity tracking handling
  • edit many improvements to settings information
  • edit many improvements to various frontend forms
  • edit protect all PHP files from direct file access
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.9
  • del removed several unused settings for attachments
  • del removed deprecated functions scheduled for removal
  • del removed several obsolete files
  • fix seo tweaks: problem with applying noindex rule
  • fix various minor fixes with the plugin settings panels
  • fix various fixes related to settings labels
  • fix few issues related to Attachments and Errors Log panel
  • fix minor issues related to old module-based functions
Version: 7.4.6 / march 14 2024
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.7.1
  • fix tweaks: option for current breadcrumb hiding was not working
  • fix auto close topics: warnings when getting forum rules
Version: 7.4.5 / february 16 2024
  • edit changes related to WordPress and PHP code standards
  • edit more instances replaced where using non-escape translation function
  • fix issue with the email overrides due to the function changes
Version: 7.4.4 / february 12 2024
  • edit few updates to the admin interface related to the shared library
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.7
Version: 7.4.3 / january 14 2024
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.7 Beta
  • fix few minor issues with the toolbar feature
  • fix several issues with some Widgets settings
Version: 7.4.2 / january 9 2024
  • edit improved layout for the MIME Type feature editing
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.7 Beta
  • fix few fields in the settings can't be saved properly
  • fix minor issue with the Settings object configuration
  • fix few wrong labels for some of the feature settings
Version: 7.4.1 / january 4 2024
  • fix problem with publishing new forums due to the metabox issue
  • fix few metabox fields have wrong labels and max value
Version: 7.4 / december 28 2023
  • new feature: not found - override private forums 404 template
  • new topics: allow tags to author, moderators and keymasters
  • new tweak: anonymous posting for replies only
  • new tweak: disable breadcrumbs 'home' crumb
  • new tweak: disable breadcrumbs 'current' crumb
  • new booster: improved performance by removing index on bulk import
  • new booster: while rebuild is in progress, switch off the booster
  • new booster: option on Booster panel to run rebuilt at any time
  • new settings: for configuring the statistics cache expiration
  • new settings: panel for adding the plugin license code
  • new dashboard: all data now retrieved from cached statistics
  • new setup wizard: last panel shows link to the knowledge base
  • new topics and replies actions: additional filters for actions
  • new daily maintenance: run the cache refresh every day
  • new topic attachment metabox: rewritten and expanded
  • new forum settings metabox: rewritten and expanded
  • new attachments file limits uses server limit value
  • new support for coreActivity to log plugin related events
  • edit replies: tags for topics now always allow keymasters and moderators
  • edit changed registration order of many plugin Features
  • edit many improvements with Features descriptions and information
  • edit replaced several PHP functions with WordPress replacements
  • edit expanded attachments limits information displayed in settings
  • edit more quality of code changes in regard to PHP formatting
  • edit many interface updates related to the new shared library
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.6
  • del removed Parsedown Extra in favor of the Library version
  • del removed all the deprecated functions scheduled for removal
  • del removed outdated migration code for individual forum settings
  • fix missing styling for the widgets interface on the widgets panel
  • fix several regressions regarding topic and forum admin meta-boxes
  • fix issue with having duplicated actions in header and footer actions blocks
  • fix various issues with the plugin settings information and titles
  • fix various minor problems related to the widgets interface
  • fix timestamp conversion issues with the Booster statistics
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