Perofmance Benchmark

To determine the impact of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro on your website, we have performed the benchmark to measure used PHP memory, page execution time, the number of SQL queries, SQL execution time, the number of loaded scripts and styles.


Plugin impact on the website depends on many different factors, and times measured in this benchmark will be different for different servers. Page loading time and SQL execution time depend on the server speed, WordPress version, number of active plugins, theme, and other factors. The results of this benchmark are relative to the test server environment.

Benchmark Server

To perform the benchmark, we have used development server running the following software:

  • Apache 2.4.18
  • PHP 7.0.5
  • MySQL 5.5.5
  • WordPress 4.6.1

Plugins used for testing:

  • bbPress 2.5.10
  • GD bbPress Toolbox 4.4.3

The theme used for testing:

  • TwentySixteen 1.3

All tests are done using Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2 on MS Windows 10, with browser cache turned off. All benchmark data is collected using GD Press Tools Pro 5.2.2 plugin for WordPress. To get the accurate time for execution and SQL execution, 5 measurements are done and the average value is used.

Benchmark Overview

If you just want to know overall impact of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, here are the facts. If you want to see detailed results, check out Benchmark results listed after.

On admin side (for any page loaded), the plugin uses an average of 2.25MB of memory, adds 0.05 seconds to the execution time, runs 4 SQL queries in 0.002 seconds. On front end (for any page loaded), the plugin uses the average of 2.23MB of memory, adds 0.037 seconds to the execution time, runs 6.5 SQL queries in 0.001 seconds.

These values are calculated based on the difference of the WordPress with bbPress installation, and installation with added GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin. All measurements are done with default GD bbPress Toolbox Pro settings. Depending on the settings, plugin features you are using, the plugin used memory, a number of executed queries and execution time can differ.

Compared to live servers, memory usage and number of SQL queries will remain the same (if used with same PHP), the main difference is execution time, and on the average live server, that time can be 3-4 times lower.

Benchmark Results

Clean WordPress

The first series of measurements is done for a clean WordPress installation, running only GD Press Tools Pro plugin.

PageMemory (MB)Time (sec)SQL QueriesSQL Time (sec)HooksScriptsStyles
Admin / Dashboard19.680.228410.0217794111
Admin / Plugins19.210.189270.0107723310
Admin / Posts19.380.188380.014774229
Admin / Post Edit19.820.206480.0157816012
Front / Home15.630.217330.0106051412
Front / Single15.640.175340.0116061612
Front / Archive15.640.162370.0126051412
Front / Page15.640.189370.0126051612

Clean WordPress with bbPress

Next series of measurements is done for a clean WordPress installation, running only GD Press Tools Pro plugin and bbPress. bbPress had one forum and one topic created.

PageMemory (MB)Time (sec)SQL QueriesSQL Time (sec)HooksScriptsStyles
Admin / Dashboard25.660.310680.02112834312
Admin / Plugins25.250.247470.01912762511
Admin / Posts25.410.260580.01512783310
Admin / Post Edit25.820.297680.02012856113
Front / Home20.320.281540.0219801613
Front / Single20.290.207530.0149811813
Front / Archive20.310.197560.0139801613
Front / Page20.310.231560.0289801813
Front / Forum20.570.262720.0189721914
Front / Topic20.560.237670.0179722114

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro

Last series of measurements is done for a WordPress installation, running only GD Press Tools Pro plugin, bbPress and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.

PageMemory (MB)Time (sec)SQL QueriesSQL Time (sec)HooksScriptsStyles
Admin / Dashboard27.960.348720.02113994312
Admin / Plugins27.450.325510.02313922511
Admin / Posts27.650.302620.01613943310
Admin / Post Edit28.090.339720.02414016113
Front / Home22.540.249610.01610841614
Front / Single22.560.263600.02010851814
Front / Archive22.560.270630.01910841614
Front / Page22.550.272610.01710841814
Front / Forum22.820.287780.02210762317
Front / Topic22.710.292740.02210762517