Toolbox Pro vs. Free Plugins

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro started its life by merging 3 free plugins into one: GD bbPress Attachments, GD bbPress Tools, and GD bbPress Widgets. That happened in 2012. Since then, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has gone through many versions and it is expanded with many new features that are not available in free plugins. It is hard to compare Free and Pro plugin, and you need to try Pro version to see how much different and better this plugin is.

Here is the list of features exclusive to Toolbox Pro plugin.


  • Say thanks to topic/reply authors
  • Define and use canned replies
  • Track users online status
  • Track user read topic status
  • Redirect users if not allowed to specific forums


  • Browser validation of file size and type before sending to the server.
  • Enhanced attachments upload with the images preview before upload.
  • Allowed MIME Type (file types) selection for attachments.
  • Insert attachments into topic/reply content.
  • Add custom MIME Types (file types).
  • Auto-generate featured image from attachment.
  • Admin page with a list of attached files with information about uploader, forum, topic/reply.
  • Admin page with a list of all attachments uploads errors.
  • Use FontAwesome icons for file type and attachments icon.
  • Override attachments settings for individual forums.


  • BBCodes Toolbar.
  • Extra BBCode – SCODE – for source code.
  • Extra BBCode – ATTACHMENT – to insert attached file into topic/reply.
  • Extra BBCodes – HIDE, SPOILER.
  • Extra BBCodes – TOPIC, REPLY – generate a link to topic or reply based on ID.

SEO Tools

  • Override topic/reply excerpt
  • Override forum/topic/reply title
  • Add meta description tags
  • Google Rich Snippet for breadcrumbs


  • Export plugin settings into a file.
  • Import plugin settings from a file.
  • Close old and inactive topics
  • Reset all plugin settings.

Private Topics and Replies

  • Allow setting Topic as Private
  • Allow setting Reply as Private
  • Default status for privacy checkbox
  • Enhancements to bbPress to handle private content


  • Use BBCodes toolbar for editing.
  • Use TinyMCE editor for editing.


  • Logged in User Profile Widget (user info, important links, avatar)
  • New posts Widget
  • Display online users
  • Topic Information Widget


  • My active topics
  • My most replied topics
  • My topics with no replies
  • My favorite topics
  • My subscribed topics
  • New post since the last visit
  • New posts: Last Day
  • New posts: Last 3 Days
  • New posts: Last Week
  • New posts: Last Month


  • New slick admin interface
  • Responsive admin interface
  • More settings to disable bbPress widgets
  • Dashboard widget: latest topics and replies
  • Dashboard widget: online users review

Topic/Reply Editors

  • Control WP editor enhancements
  • Control Toolbar, Media Buttons, Rows
  • Disable/Lock forms for some user roles

Email Notifications

  • Change notification message
  • Change sender email/name

bbPress Integration

  • Show User Statistics with each Topic and Reply
  • Display Lead Topic
  • Disable bbPress breadcrumbs
  • Reverse replies order in topic
  • Control max titles length
  • Control NoFollow for internal links


  • Add Views into WordPress NavMenu
  • Enable extra post type features for Forum/Topic/Reply – thumbnail, excerpt, custom fields
  • Current user session tracking (for posts since last visit view)
  • User tracking cookie
  • Lock individual topics
  • More than 20 tweaks for bbPress features

It is quite possible that some things are missing from the list, yes there is more!