Always Enabled Features

These are basic features that other features might rely on, and they are always loaded.

Various Tweaks

The plugin includes essential tweaks for various bbPress to improve some of the bbPress default features with only a few easy-to-use settings.

Extra Topic Views

The plugin can register more than 15 additional topic views. Topic views can filter topics by predefined criteria, making finding content easier.


The plugin adds several shortcodes required outside of optional BBCodes for: The attachment Embed, Quote, and User profile items list.

Topics / Replies Actions

Two Features for the control over moderation actions are displayed on top of every topic and reply with more options for better control.


The plugin can add various icons to the topics and forums list to give additional information about topics and forums using icons only.

User Settings

Implements a special block of settings inside the bbPress profile editor for each user to control some of the plugin user-based settings.

Content Editor

Replace the default topic/reply editor with rich text TinyMCE editor (or Tiny version of that editor), BBCodes editor, or Quick Tags editor.

Custom Topic Views

Add many new topic views to filter out the topics based on different criteria. And it includes current user-related topic views.

All the other Features

These are basic features that other features might rely on, and they are always loaded.

40+ BBCodes

Add over 40 BBCodes for enhancing the content. BBCodes can also be used with the BBCodes Toolbar to replace the basic content editor.


Improve the performance of various database queries using the additional cache database tables instead of the postmeta table.


Easy-to-use feature to support parsing of markdown written content for topics, replies, and signatures, when content is displayed on the front end.

Online Tracking

Tracking the users currently online, with widgets to show online status and various settings for control over it.

Activity Tracking

Tracking the users’ activity and determining unread and new topics and forums with additional settings.

Mark As Read

Add button to mark the forum as read, resetting the activity tracking for the marked forum.


Add attachments upload support with many options to control file types, display, upload process, editing, and more.

Email Sender

Replace the default topic/reply editor with rich text TinyMCE editor. The plugin has settings related to the editor and the option to expand allowed HTML tags.

Notifications Overrides

The plugin allows you to modify content for bbPress notifications and notifications implemented by the Toolbox for some of the features.

Forums Index

Add two blocks with helpful information on the forum’s main page, including various statistical information, users’ online status and activity, and more.

Close Old Topics

With an easy-to-use tool, the plugin allows you to close old topics for new replies based on different criteria, with an optional number of days in the past to check.

Auto topic closing

The plugin makes it easy to close topics, including automatic closing based on a few criteria, and with an additional checkbox through the reply form.

URL Rewriter

Change the structure of topics/replies URL’s to include forums, and also remove unused rewrite rules for topics, replies and forums.

Content Objects

Enable some of the default WordPress features for forums, topics and replies: Thumbnails, Excerpts and Custom Fields (admin side editors).

Schedule Topic

Add extra control to the topic form to schedule topic to be published in the future, with the use of the datetime control.

Post Anonymously

Enable logged in users to post as anonymous users without actually revealing their identiy. Feature has many settings to control the process.

Journal Topic

Allow users to create a topic where only the topic author can reply and write a sort of a public journal thread, and other users can read, without the right to reply.

Rich Snippets

Add special Rich Snippets markup (for use by search egines), for every forum topic (uses DiscussionForumPosting rich snippet JSON-LD format).

Canned Replies

Define one or more posts with standard replies. Keymasters and moderators can quickly insert canned replies into the reply content for a fast response.

Disable RSS Feeds

If you want to protect your forum content, you can completely disable automatically-generated RSS feeds with topics and replies content.

Visitors Redirect

You can define several rules to redirect visitors if they try to access hidden, private forums, access for blocked users, or all forum pages.


The privacy module contains two options to control the handling of IPs from users posting in the forums; you can disable logging and/or stop IP displays.

Report Topics & Replies

Allow your users to help with moderation and report topics or replies for offensive language, spam content, or language problems and errors.

Forums Locking

A simple tool to lock out access to the topic and reply forms. And define user roles that can still post new content.

Private Topics / Replies

Add simple checkbox for marking topic or reply as private. Private content can be read by keymasters, moderators and topic/reply author.


Improve users conversation by allowing them to quote topics and replies (partial or full content). Quote includes author name and link to the original post.

SEO / SEO Tweaks

This module includes a number of tweaks to modify the SEO related features for bbPress, including links control, content titles and description.

Say Thanks

A simple module that can improve users’ interaction with the way to say thanks (via button) to other users for their topics and replies.

User Signatures

Allow users to create their own signature that will be displayed under topics and replies. The signature editor can use TinyMCE or BBCodes Toolbar.

User Stats

Expand the information displayed for each user in the topics and replies list under the user avatar with the number of posts, online status, and more.

Extra MIME Types

For better control over the attachments upload process, the plugin allows you to add new MIME types (file types or extensions) and limit upload to a list of types.

Topics Locking

This will enable simple to use option to temporarily lock any topic if the forum has not already been locked from receiving new topics.

Topics/Replies Settings

Many additional settings for both topics and replies to control some additional aspects of the creation and display of the content.

Clickable Control

Control bbPress filters for turning plain text into clickable links for topics and replies and for individual link conversion types.

Protect Revisions

By default, topic/reply revisions information is always visible. With this feature, you can only show revisions info to selected user roles.

User Profiles

Prevent access to profiles to visits, add more information about users to tier profiles (thanks and extra information blocks).

Admin Access

Simple Feature will stop access for all bbPress admin panels and features to all user roles except for the roles you enable in the Feature settings.

Admin Columns / Widgets

Two features for enhancing WordPress and bbPress interface with few WP dashboard widgets and many new columns for bbPress content.

Footer Actions

The plugin implements secondary actions area to place default or additional topics/replies actions under the topic or reply content.

Forum Public

Control over the public visibility of the forums. The default value is based on WordPress settings.

Toolbox Notifications

Control for sending additional notifications for the features implemented by the Toolbox.


Collection of features for integration with BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Tweaks

Tweaks related to BuddyPress. The only tweak is to disable the member profile URL overrides in BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Signatures

Integrate Toolbox-powered Signature into BuddyPress and its XProfile system for editing signatures via BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Notifications

Integrate some of the Toolbox features into the BuddyPress notifications system for instant live notifications.


A feature called ‘Tweaks’ contains many useful tweaks.

  • Number of search results per page
  • Fix 404 Errors
  • Allow Participants to use Media Library
  • KSES list of HTML tags and attributes
  • Add search form to forums and topics
  • Change max HTML title field length
  • Hide user roles display
  • Private Topic Prefix
  • Disable bbPress Breadcrumbs
  • Alternative Freshness Display Format

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