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Online activity and read tracking

The plugin contains two modules for tracking online activity (number of users and guests currently online/active in the forums), and for tracking when each user was last active to show the unread flags for topics and forums.

Online Activity

To track online activity, the plugin uses a dedicated database table to log user/guest last activity time and also where the activity happened: forum, topic, user profile or topics view. This allows us to show a total number of active users/guest (with an optional list of active users), track maximum users activity and also track how many users/guests are viewing/visiting individual forums, topics, views or profiles.

Plugin dashboard widget with users stats overview

Online tracking information can be shown in the Online Users widget, and as notice for individual forums, topics, views and user profiles.

Read Status Tracking

To track read status activity, the plugin uses a dedicated database table logging user, topic and forum with the visitation datetime. Based on that, plugin can determine what topics users have read (or not) and what topics are new since the last visit.

Topics marked for unread or new for current user
Topics marked for unread or new for current user based on the read status tracking

The plugin can track user activity for each topic, and it can mark 3 different things for each user in relation to the topic:

  • The topic is new for the current user
  • The topic is unread by the current user
  • The topic has new replies since the current user last visit

New and unread are marked using the badge in front of the topic name. New replies link is displayed after the topic title. The topic title can be wrapped with a STRONG tag to make the topic title stand out. A similar feature is available for forums, and the plugin can mark forums too:

  • The forum has new posts (topic or reply) since the last visit
  • The forum is unread

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