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Many new widgets for bbPress

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds many new widgets for bbPress powered forums. Some widgets are designed to replace default bbPress widgets with a wide range of new and improved settings. Plugin version 5.7 has a total of 9 widgets available. Through plugin settings, you can disable any of the plugin widgets, and they will not be registered or available for use in the sidebars.

List of available widgets

The plugin version 6.5 has 9 widgets:

  • Forum Information
    This widget shows information about the forum that includes topics and replies counts, last user activity, options to subscribe and a few more things.
  • New Posts
    This widget is much more flexible than normal bbPress widget and allows selecting period, content and a few other things. You can even exclude some of the forums from the query and check if the current user has rights to view the topic.
  • Online Users
    This is a simple widget that will show the list of users currently online, with additional information about a total of online users and visitors, and a maximum number of online users with the date they were recorded.
  • Search Forums
    This widget shows the search form that can search everywhere in the forums, or in the current forum only.
  • Forum Statistics
    This is widget similar to the default bbPress widget, but with some extra information and options to choose items and change their order.
  • Topic Information
    This widget adds various information about the topic currently open. Through the widget interface, you can adjust what will be displayed. If the current page is not topic, the widget will not be displayed.
  • Topics Views
    This widget will generate a list of links for each topic view registered and selected in this widget. Widget lists all registered Topic Views and allows you to use drag-drop to rearrange the list of views the way you want them to be displayed.
  • Current User Profile
    This widget shows a profile for a currently logged-in user, or if the user is not logged-in it will show links that lead to login. Through widget controls, you can choose what elements will be displayed. Widget template can be overridden through the theme to allow making changes beyond plugin settings and default layout.
  • Top Thanked Users
    This widget shows the list of users that received the most thanks for their topics or replies.
User Profile Widget
User Profile Widget
Topic Widget Example
Topic Widget Example

Widgets Interface

All widgets have a unified interface that has very easy to follow settings organization, and once you see how one widget works, the same methods are true for all other widgets. Some widgets can have a lot of options to set, some are much simpler.

Latest Posts interface
Latest Posts interface

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