Features as Modules

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has a lot of features, and to keep things organized and make sure that you can disable some of the things you don’t plan to use, most of the features are made as modules. Some modules are loaded always, some can be disabled completely, or they can be loaded when needed only, depending on the module and the features it brings.

There are some modules that have their own dedicated articles you can check out first:

And, here is the list of all other available modules in version 5.8, with short descriptions and some screenshots included.

  • Canned Replies:
    are a very useful tool for administrators (keymasters) and moderators allowing to pre-define common replies and use them when replying to topics or replies in the forums. If you run support forum this is a very handy way to quickly respond to repeating questions or point to existing resources.
  • Say Thanks:
    is very convenient and widely spread method used in almost every forum system for forum users to thank topic authors for their new topic. This is a highly configurable feature that can work for topics and replies, it has own template, options to control displayed users and much more.
  • SEO Tools:
    are aiming to improve SEO for the bbPress forums. Some tools will help you solve issues that even some specialized SEO plugins have when it comes to bbPress forums. This includes extra control for titles and descriptions (with private content support), breadcrumbs enhancements and few more things.
Quote Example
Quote Example
  • Quotes:
    can be used to improve the discussion in the topic/reply thread, it is useful to quote parts of the previous responses as a reference. GD bbPress Toolbox allows you to add Quote button to each topic and reply for that purpose. Quotes can show the link to quoted content and content author.
  • User Signatures:
    are added after the topic or reply and they can contain HTML or BBCodes markup (depending on the settings). The plugin allows you to control which user roles can have signatures, maximal length for the signature and much more. Editor for signatures can be integrated into backend and frontend.
  • Report Posts:
    is a very useful feature allowing your forum users to help with moderating forums by reporting inappropriate content (spam, harassment, rude language). The plugin has reports management panel on the admin side, and the plugin can send email notifications when the report is saved.
Report topic/reply form
Report topic/reply form
  • BuddyPress Integration:
    allows the plugin to use some of the BuddyPress features or to integrated into some of the features. GD bbPress Toolbox can add signature editor into BuddyPress extended profile, thanks and report can integrate into BuddyPress notifications, and the plugin can tweak few BuddyPress related things.
  • Disable RSS Feeds:
    can disable bbPress controlled RSS feeds showing topics or replies in the feed. In many instances, you would need to disable these feeds, and using GD bbPress Toolbox Pro you can do just that and set up redirection to website home, forums home, parent page or issue 404 error page.
  • Visitors Redirection:
    handles access to some areas of the forums for users or visitors that are not allowed access. Using the redirections you can redirect those users to pages containing additional information or page to login. This will replace nasty 404 pages that bbPress displays by default.
  • Closing Topics:
    is a module that can automatically close topics based on topic activity, with optional notifications sent to author and subscribers. And, it can add a new checkbox into the reply form so that the topic can be closed when the reply is submitted. And, there is a tool to close old topics too.
Auto close inactive topics
  • Private Topics and Replies:
    will allow users to post private content that only themselves, keymasters and moderators can access. This module will use the private flag to filter out topics and replies from some of the queries and protect private content from displaying in feeds and more.
  • User Stats:
    are displayed along with the user avatar with every topic and reply. These can include various information about the user, and various important statistics about the user, including topics/replies count, online status, registration date and few more things.
  • Privacy:
    is a very simple module that deals with the user IP address. The module can prevent bbPress from logging it, and it can stop bbPress from displaying the IP address on the front end. There is a tool available that can remove all logged IP’s too.
  • Forums Locking:
    module control the topic and reply forms, and it can disable them (or lock them). You can still allow some user roles to be able to use them, but all the others will see the optional and configurable locking message.
  • Toolbar Menu:
    is very useful to quickly navigate the bbPress forums and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro panels and settings. The toolbar menu can be made available to selected user roles, and you can also change the label and a few other things.