Current release
Version: 5.7.3 (Changelog)
Date: 2019.06.27
First released
7 years, 2 months ago
PHP: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
WordPress: 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0
or ClassicPress: 1.0
bbPress: 2.5, 2.6
BuddyPress: 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1
Basic: English
Included: Српски (Serbian), 日本語 (Japanese), Deutsch (German)

Ultimate bbPress plugin

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is feature packed plugin for expanding bbPress powered forums with many new forum specific features.

Plugin Dashboard

Very useful starting point to get some basic information about the forum, review the content, reported posts, users and given and received thanks.

About Page

Get the information about major plugin version, full versions changelog, informatio about the plugin, and other Dev4Press plugins for WordPress.

Setup Wizard

Quickly configure most important plugin options to get started using the plugin. Wizard includes several panels for setting up modules and more.

Modules Architecture

Most of the plugin features are split into modules, and most of them can be disabled. All modules can be controlled from the Modules admin page.

WordPress Dashboard

Plugin adds two widgets into WordPress main dashboard. One widget lists latest topics and replies, and the other widget shows online users stats.

Close old topics

With easy to use tool, plugin allows you to close old topics for new replies based on different criteria, with optional number of days in the past to check.

Extra Topic Views

Plugin can register more then 15 additional topic views. Topic views can filter topics by predefined criteria, and make it easier to find content.

TinyMCE Editor

Replace default topic/reply editor with rich text TinyMCE editor. Plugin has settings related to the editor and option to expand allowed HTML tags.

Notifications Override

Plugin allows you to modify content for bbPress notifications, and it also adds few more notifications. Control notification sender data.

Extra Widgets

Plugin adds several new widgets for showing topic views, filtered topics and replies, statistics, online users overview, current user and more.

Forums Statistics

Add two blocks with useful information on the forums main page including: various statistical information, users online status and activity and more.

Various Tweaks

Plugin includes another 20+ tweaks for various bbPress features related to topics, replies, forums, revisions, advanced settings and much more.


Plugin features powerful module for handling attachments for topics and replies. All attachments are uploaded to WordPress Media Library.

Enhanced Upload

Upload attachments with enhanced upload fields using previews, validation of files and easy way to set file cpation or insert file into content.

Configurable files display

Control how the files are displayed, including thumbnail view for images, with configurable thumbnail size, use of icons for different file types.

Attachments settings

Include wide range of options: limit allowed file types (and add new file types), file size and number of files. With options for individual forums.

Allowed MIME Types

Plugin allows you to select MIME type (file types) allowed for upload. And, if you need custom file types, plugin allows you to add your own types.

Individual Forum Settings

To get finer control for individual forums, plugin has a metabox for each forum, where you can override some of the attachments setting.

Change upload directory

With simple to use settings, you can change where the files are stored in the WordPress uploads directory based on use forum or user.

Files Management

On the admin side, plugin adds two panels: list of uploaded attachments (with various filters and controls), and list of upload errors.


Most of the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro features are made as modules to allow for better control and make them easier to setup and control.

Canned Replies

Define one or more posts with standard replies. Keymasters and moderators can quickly insert canned replies into the reply content for fast response.

Disable RSS

If you want to protect your forum content, you can completely disable automatically generated RSS feeds with topics and replies content.

Visitors Redirect

You can define several rules to redirect visitors if they try to access hidden, private forums, access for blocked users, or all forum pages.


Privacy module contains two options to control handling of IP’s from users posting in the forums, you can disable logging and/or stop IP display.

Report Posts

Allow your users to help with moderation, and report topics or replies for offensive language, spam content or language problems and errors.

Forums Locking

Simple tool to lock out the access to topic and reply forms. And, define user roles that will still be allowed to post new content.

Private Topics & Replies

Add simple checkbox for marking topic or reply as private. Private content can be read by keymasters, moderators and topic/reply author.


Improve users conversation by allowing them to quote topics and replies (partial or full content). Quote includes author name and link to original post.


This module includes number of tweaks to modify the SEO related features for bbPress, including links control, content titles and description.

Say Thanks

Simple module that can improve users interaction with the way to say thanks (via button) to other users for their topics and replies.

User Signatures

Allow users to create own signature that will be displayed under topics and replies. Signature editor can use TinyMCE or BBCodes Toolbar.

User Stats

Expand the information displayed for each user in the topics and replies list under the user avatar with the number of posts, online status and more.

Toolbar Menu

Add menu to the WordPress toolbar (top of the page), with links to forums, topics views, edit pages, bbPress settings and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro panels.

Activity Tracking

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro can track online status of each user, activity in topics and can help users find new content on the return visit.

Track user activity

Plugin can track each user last activity time, and set cookies to help with tracking and for tracking of the current visiting session.

Online users tracking

The plugin can track how many users and visitors are online. This information can be used in the widget, forum statistics and user statistics block.

Topics visit tracking

Track when each user has visited each topic. On return visit, it can calculate new topics, new replies in read topics and unread topics.

Forums visit tracking

Based on the topics data, the plugin can show badges for forums with new posts (replies or topics) and forums that are unread by the current user.

Plugin dashboard integration

Tracking data allows the plugin to get active users in any period, and based on that data, you can get overview inside the plugin dashboard.

Users Panel

Admin side includes very useful panel with list of all users with bbPress user roles with basic information and last activity time column.

BBCodes and Toolbar

The plugin implements 40+ BBCodes (as shortcodes) with simple BBCodes Toolbar for the topic/reply editor.

40+ BBCodes

Plugin includes 40+ BBCodes ranging from simple tags for bold, italic, alignment, colors, to more complex BBCodes for images, videos and more.

Code Highlight

If you post source code to your forum topics and replies, it is very useful to use syntax highlight to make your code properly displayed.

Hide & Spoiler

Hide textual content inside the topic or reply, and show it when predefine terms are fulfield. Or hide content that will be displayed on mouse hover.

Media BBCodes

BBCodes to display images and videos (YouTube and Vimeo). It also includes support for FitVid script to auto resizes videos for responsive layouts.

BBCodes Toolbar

Simple toolbar for adding BBCodes into the content, or wrapping selected content into the BBCode. Support different sized icons and more.

Preview BBCodes

Panel on the admin side, you can see all available BBCodes with list of possible methods to format and use each BBCode.

Quick Features Overview

Here is the quick overview of all plugin features

  • Modules architecture
  • Setup wizard
  • Central plugin dashboard
  • Widgets in WordPress dashboard
  • Tool to close old topics
  • Tools to import/export settings
  • BuddyPress support
  • 15+ new topic views
  • Topic views: specific to current user
  • Topic views: recent activity
  • Override notifications content
  • Notify: keymaster on new topic
  • Notify: on topic and reply edit
  • Modify notification from field
  • Forum index welcome blocks
  • TinyMCE for topic/reply editors
  • TinyMCE Teeny editor
  • Various TinyMCE settings
  • Disable bbPress Breadcrumbs
  • Module: Canned Replies
  • Module: Privacy
  • Module: SEO Settings
  • Module: Say Thanks
  • Module: Disable RSS
  • Module: Visitors Redirect
  • Module: Report Posts
  • Module: Forums Locking
  • Module: Private Topics/Replies
  • Module: Quotes
  • Module: User Signatures
  • Module: Toolbar Menu
  • Module: User Stats
  • Widget: User Profile
  • Widget: Statistics
  • Widget: Topic Information
  • Widget: New post list
  • Widget: Topics Views list
  • Widget: Online Users
  • Module: Attachments
  • Enhanced attachments upload
  • Limit upload to selected MIME types
  • Limit upload to file size
  • Display images as thumbnails
  • Use icons for different file types
  • List of attachments panel
  • List of upload errors panel
  • Change upload directory
  • Module: BBCodes Support
  • 40+ BBCodes
  • Image BBCode
  • Video BBCodes
  • Hide BBCode
  • Spoiler BBCode
  • Code Syntax BBCode
  • Limit BBCodes groups use
  • Simple BBCodes Toolbar
  • Responsive videos support
  • Forum users panel
  • Tool to delete logged IP’s
  • Tool for data cleanup
  • Module: Tracking
  • User activity tracking
  • Online users tracking
  • Badges for topics read status
  • Badges for forums read status
  • Control revisions display
  • Topics icons marks
  • Display lead topic
  • NoFollow for links
  • Disable some topic actions
  • Disable some reply actions
  • Control title length
  • Enable reply title
  • Expand allowed HTML tags
  • Limit bbPress admin side access
  • Advanced objects tweaks

Learn more about this plugin, check out the plugin features overview. If you have any questions, feel free to request the demo to test the plugin, or use contact form and ask away.


Web accessibility is increasingly important factor in web development, and with the accessibility support you are making sure that people with disablities are able to use your website. Developing for accessibility is one of the priorities on Dev4Press, and we are using WCAG guidelines and approved tools to test our plugins and improve accessibility for on both admin side and the front end (for plugins with front end controlls and features).

Plugin Accessibility Status

Front End Accessibility: Yes

Admin Side Accessibility: Yes

Settings Import and Export

All Dev4Press premium plugins have set of easy to use tools to export all plugin settings into file with PHP serialization. And, you can export settings from that file. This way you can keep your settings safe, or transfer settings from one website to another.

Browser Compatibility

All our plugins are compatible with all popular internet browsers. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, MS Internet Explorer (version 9 and higher), all tested across different operating systems and desktop and mobile devices.

Regular Updates

All Dev4Press premium plugins are constantly developed, and will receive regular updates to fix reported bugs, fix any security issues, enhance and improve every aspect for plugins. And using our Updater plugin you can update directly from WordPress.

Complete Localization

All Dev4Press premium plugins have WordPress standard PO/MO translation system implemented, making it easy to translate into any language. Depending on the plugin, translations can be split into two or more files for easier translations handing.

Secure and Clean Code

All Dev4Press premium plugins are coded using best coding practices, with code tested for all potential security problems. We are constantly working on maintaining full WordPress compatibility and highest level of security for all our products.

Excellent Support

One of our primary goals is to provide best support possible. This includes active support forum, priority support (for developer license) and ever expanding knowledge base and FAQ to ensure that you get all the information you need for our plugins.

Knowledge Base

To get help for this plugin, start with FAQ and the Knowledge Base.

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