4.0 (2020.05.08)
  • New fieldset used to wrap attachments upload control
  • New replacement function to determine valid forum id
  • New confirmation dialog for deleting and detaching files
  • New reorganized plugin code and the way it is loaded and run
  • New completely rewritten JavaScript for attachments handling
  • New rewritten loading of JavaScript and CSS files
  • New fully reorganized CSS now written using SCSS
  • New loading JavaScript and CSS minified or normal
  • New error icon added to the list of errors
  • Replaced icon for the attachment in the topics list
  • Removed obsolete form encoding attribute settings
  • Fixed issue with the topic and reply edit pages
3.2 (2019.09.02)
  • Show KB or MB file size limit depending on the size
  • Removed all outdated translations
  • Removed some duplicated links
  • Fixed a minor sanitation issues related to shortcodes
3.1 (2019.03.11)
  • Few minor updates and improvements
3.0.1 (2018.10.05)
  • Fixed problem with attachments save reply method passed arguments
3.0 (2018.07.26)
  • New interface for the plugin settings panel
  • New panel with advanced settings
  • New panel with images settings
  • New support for thumbnails for PDF and SVG file types
  • Updated settings form with proper field types
  • Updated toolbar icon to use bbPress dashicon
2.6 (2018.04.27)
  • Updated plugin requirements
  • Sanitize file name stored for the upload errors
  • Escape the file name displayed for upload errors
  • Fixed potential stored XSS vulnerability (thanks to Luigi Gubello for reporting)
  • Fixed few typos and missing translation strings
2.5 (2017.09.20)
  • Updated JS and CSS files are by default always loaded
  • Updated WordPress minimal requirement to 4.2
  • Updated several broken URL’s
  • Updated and improved readme file
  • Added download attribute to attached files links
  • Updated sanitation of the plugin settings on save
  • Updated PHP minimal requirement to 5.3
  • Updated WordPress minimal requirement to 4.0
  • Updated several broken URL’s
  • Updated several missing translation strings
  • Added Swedish translation
  • Updated readme file
  • Added Russian translation
  • Updated readme file
  • Updated several Dev4Press links
  • Fixed XSS and LFI security issues with unsanitized input
  • Fixed order of displayed attachments to match upload order
  • Fixed inline image alignment when there is no image caption
  • Fixed problem with uploading video or audio files in some cases
  • Improved default styling for the list of attachments
  • Removed support for bbPress 2.2.x
  • Fixed posts deletion problem caused by attachments module
  • Improved default styling for the list of attachments
  • Removed obsolete hooks and functions
  • Removed support for bbPress 2.1.x
  • Fixed method for adding some of the plugin hooks
  • Fixed issue with attachments DIV not closed properly
  • Fixed few typos and missing translation strings
  • Added Slovak translation
  • Changed upload field location to end of the form
  • Dropped support for bbPress 2.0
  • Dropped support for WordPress 3.2
  • Fixed problem with saving some settings
  • Fixed detection of bbPress 2.2
  • Fixed missing function fatal error
  • Added support for dynamic roles from bbPress 2.2
  • Added class to attachments elements in the topic/reply forms
  • Using enqueue scripts and styles to load files on frontend
  • Admin menu now uses ‘activate_plugins’ capability by default
  • Screenshots removed from plugin and added into assets directory
  • Fixed problem with some themes and embedding of JavaScript
  • Fixed issues with some themes and displaying attachments
  • Additional settings information
  • BuddyPress with site wide bbPress supported
  • Expanded list of FAQ entries
  • Panel for upgrade to GD bbPress Toolbox
  • Fixed duplicated registration for reply embed filter
  • Added Italian translation
  • Updated several translations
  • Added Portuguese translation
  • Adding meta field to identify file as attachment
  • Few minor issues with plugin settings
  • Added option to display thumbnails in line
  • Added Persian translation
  • Improvements for the bbPress 2.1 compatibility
  • Several embedding styling improvements
  • Fixed some loading issues for admin side
  • Changes to readme.txt file
  • Improvements to the shared code
  • Additional loading optimization
  • Added French language
  • Updated some translations
  • Fixed minor issues with saving settings
  • Missing license.txt file
  • Added option for improved embedding of JS and CSS code
  • Minor changes to the plugins admin interface panels
  • Updated and expanded plugin FAQ and requirements
  • Loading optimization with separate admin and front end code
  • Added options for deleting and detaching attachments
  • Added several new filters for additional plugin control
  • Added option for error logging visibility for moderators
  • Fixed logging of multiple upload errors
  • Fixed several issues with displaying upload errors
  • Added hide attachments from visitors option
  • Added option to hook in topic and reply deletion
  • Added Polish translation
  • Improved adding of plugin styling and JavaScript
  • Fixed visibility of meta settings for non admins
  • Context Help for WordPress 3.3
  • Rel attribute allows use of topic or reply ID
  • Admin topic and reply editor list of errors
  • Updated German and Serbian translations
  • Updated readme file with error logging information
  • Fixed logging of empty error messages
  • Improved tabbed admin interface
  • Image attachments display and styling
  • Error logging displayed to admin and author
  • Fixed upload from edit topic and reply
  • Fixed including of jQuery into header
  • Fixed bbPress detection for edit pages
  • Improved Dutch Translation
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions
  • Minor change to user roles detection
  • Fixed problem with displaying attachments to visitors
  • Spanish Translation
  • German Translation
  • Check for the bbPress to add JavaScript and CSS
  • Disable attachments for individual forums
  • Improved admin side topic and reply editor integration
  • Attachments icons in the attachment lists
  • Attachment icon of forums
  • Serbian Translation
  • Dutch Translation
  • Improvements to the main settings panel
  • Fixed missing variable for topic attachments saving
  • Fixed ignoring selected roles to display upload form elements
  • Fixed upgrading plugin settings process
  • Fixed few more undefined variables warnings

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