Dev4Press Updater

One stop install and update for Dev4Press plugins

Easy to use plugin to install new and update existing Dev4Press premium plugins and themes from within WordPress dashboard, using build in updater system.

Latest Plugin Release
Version: 4.7
Date: 2024.05.14
Plugin First Released
14 years, 1 month ago
Basic Requirements
PHP: 5.6
WordPress: 4.7
WordPress Multisite
Enabled on the network level

Install & Update Dev4Press plugins

Dev4Press Updater integrates into WordPress allowing you to install and update all Dev4Press plugins and addons from WordPress.

Update Plugins

The plugin checks for updates twice a day for all Dev4Press plugins you have a license for and can update plugins easily.

Install Plugins

You don’t need to manually install each plugin, install Updater first, and through updater install other Dev4Press plugins.

WordPress Integration

The plugin fully integrates into WordPress Updates system, and if available, updates will show in Plugins or Updates panels.

Responsive and easy to use interface

When it comes to plugins management, the plugin interface is based on the default WordPress look & feel.

Each plugin listed through plugin’s install or update panel includes plugin thumbnail image, basic information and links. Update status is displayed to show if the update is available, including the current version, new available version, short information about it and link to detailed changelog. If the update information is not available, or some error occurred, that will be listed also.

Since the updater needs the API key for your Dev4Press account, it will update and install only plugins and addons that you have a valid license for. If the license expires, update for that plugin will not be available any more.

Plugin panels and settings

The plugin is not only doing updates and installs, but it also has an information dashboard, it can show the latest Dev4Press news, releases, and promotions.

Updater Settings

The plugin requires the Dev4Press account API key, and it also allows you to choose which releases to show as available for updates.

Dashboard Information

The dashboard shows updates and other important information, including system status (useful for reporting issues).

News & Purchase

These two panels show the latest news, promotions, and releases, and the purchase panel shows quick access links for plugin purchases.

All Dev4Press premium plugins share these features

Settings Import and Export

Tools to export all plugin settings into file with JSON serialization. You can import settings from that file. This way, you can keep your settings safe or transfer settings between websites.

Dev4Press Library

Dev4Press Shared Library contains code and libraries for implementing unified admin interface, reusable code to speed up plugin development, handle plugin settings and more.

Regular Updates

Regular updates to fix reported bugs, fix any security issues, and enhance and improve every aspect of plugins. And using our Updater plugin, you can update directly from WordPress.

Complete Localization

Using WordPress standard PO/MO translation system, making it easy to translate into any language. Dev4Press includes GlotPress instance to handle translations for all the plugins.

Excellent Support

One of our primary goals is to provide the best support possible. This includes an active support forum and ever-expanding knowledge base to you get all the information you need.

Secure and Clean Code

Made with best coding practices, tested for potential security problems. We are constantly working on maintaining full WordPress compatibility and the highest level of security.

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