Generate all sorts of demo data for WordPress

Easy to use plugin for generating demo content for newly created websites used during the website development and testing, before real content is created and added.

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First released
10 months, 7 days ago
System Requirements
PHP: 7.0
WordPress: 5.0
or ClassicPress: 1.0
bbPress: 2.6
Individual network websites

Generate demo data with ease

DemoPress can generate all sort of demo/dummy data useful for new websites or during testing and development.

Easy to use

Plugin has generators for various type of data in WordPress and bbPress, with more generators coming in the future

Generate Users

Generate users with random roles, names, emails (with custom domains), random description and even preset password.

Generate Terms

Generate terms for any of the public default or custom taxonomies, supporting hierarchy, description and more.

Generate Posts

Generate posts for default or custom post types, with support for featured images, hierarchy, terms and more.

Generate Comments

Generate comments for post types that support them, with support for threads, random users or visitors and more.

bbPress Support

Generate forums, topics and replies for bbPress powered forums with full support for the bbPress structures.

Plugin Video Preview

Check out the short video on how to start with the plugin quickly.

Builders, Generators, and Tools

Plugin includes multiple builders for getting data needed for generators, and a useful tool to remove generate data.

Images Download

Download images from Pixabay or Pexels website to use for featured images with randomization and search. API keys required.

Content Builders

Builders for names, titles and content with support for HTML (and even Blocks), with both built-in and online services.

Remove Data Tool

Easily remove all the generated tools and remove downloaded featured images using this very simple tool.

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Knowledge Base and Support

Knowledge Base

To get help for this plugin, start with FAQ and the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

Support Forums

If you need help with the plugin or to report problems, use support forums.

Support Forum

Request Demo

Do you have doubts about whether this plugin is right for you? Test it first.

Request Demo

Plugin Translations

Plugin's basic language is English. The plugin is translation ready, with empty POT file with all the string included in the plugin directory.

The plugin translations are available from repository, and you can contribute translations for your language there.

It is possible that plugin has some minor spelling issues, mistypes words and other issues. Please, report any problems you find, and they will be fixed, and POT file updated when needed.

Translations on

More Features

Complete Localization

All Dev4Press free and lite plugins have WordPress standard PO/MO translation system implemented, making it easy to translate into any language. Depending on the plugin, translations can be split into two or more files for easier translations handing.

Browser Compatibility

All our plugins are compatible with all popular internet browsers. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, all tested across different operating systems and desktop and mobile devices.

Secure and Clean Code

All Dev4Press premium plugins are coded using best coding practices, with code tested for all potential security problems. We are constantly working on maintaining full WordPress compatibility and highest level of security for all our products.

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