Version: 1.1 / may 8 2023
  • new twitter share URL changed to the tweet intent format
  • new linkedin share URL changed to new format
  • new facebook settings to enable new share dialog URL format
  • new facebook settings expanded with hashtag in new share format
  • new profiles block/shortcode has separate option for base font size
  • new share block has option to specify global or block context
  • new share block can be used in any type of context now
  • edit expanded the list of css variables for the profiles rendering
  • edit few more tweaks to the blocks options panel labels and information
  • edit few small changes to the controls used for block settings
  • edit profiles list styling changes and improvements
  • edit many smaller styling changes and improvements
  • fix block editor problems related to the saving of the block state
  • fix various styling issues related to the profiles list rendering
  • fix main javascript file not referencing the required jQuery library
  • fix share block logging block editor REST API requests as items
  • fix share block was not working properly inside the FSE theme
  • fix items and log panels rows per page option not working
  • fix shortcode for share block not passing any attributes
  • fix problem with the Twitter share on the mobile devices
Version: 1.0 / may 4 2023
  • new first version

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