Version: 1.4 / january 31, 2024
  • new feature: bridge for integration with other websites
  • new feature: blackhole to capture bad bots with robots.txt file
  • new feature: network error logging (NEL) security header
  • new feature: antispam for WPForms both a Pro and Lite version
  • new nel: dedicated error logs panel similar to CSP logs panel
  • new bridge: get curated banned IP list from Dev4Press API
  • new log events: bridge success and failed, ips bulk banning and more
  • new ban ips: support for the blackhole bots capture
  • new ban ips: support for the antispam
  • new class Headers to handle adding all security headers directly
  • edit expanded Ban IPs database table with website source columns
  • edit improved HTACCESS building of security headers
  • edit improved antispam features with additional shared spam action
  • edit various tweaks to the setup wizard options and default settings
  • edit changes to default values for various features settings
  • edit expanded various dictionary types optional values
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.6.1
  • fix manual banning IP always set the 7 days as a period
  • fix removed some debug code that could cause issues
Version: 1.3 / january 32, 2024
  • new feature: vulnerabilities database integration
  • new vulnerabilities: PHP, core, plugins, and themes checks
  • new vulnerabilities: get CVE reports and scores
  • new vulnerabilities: integration with a plugins panel
  • new vulnerabilities: integration with a network themes panel
  • new plugin dashboard: vulnerabilities status widget
  • new plugin dashboard: banned IPs widget
  • new support for Spamhaus DNSBL for IP and domain checking
  • new registration control: check domain with email domain regex
  • new registration control: check domain via Spamhaus DNSBL
  • new registration control: ban domain based on the Spamhaus DNSBL
  • new dictionary: antispam regex for title
  • new dictionary: deny email domain regex
  • new antispam core: approve for selected user roles
  • new antispam core: check title (if available) with the regex
  • new antispam core: check Spamhaus DNSBL for Domain
  • new antispam core: support for Spamhaus DNSBL
  • new dnsbl: event logged when the IP was forbidden access
  • edit expanded the items in the Adminbar Toolbar menu
  • edit updated links to the knowledge base articles
  • edit various updates to the settings information
  • edit more knowledge base links to various panels
  • edit expanded various dictionary types optional values
  • edit changes related to WordPress and PHP code standards
Version: 1.2 / january 12, 2024
  • new banned IPs panel: option to filter security logs by the IP
  • new CSP: new option to stop logging reports about admin pages
  • new safe list for domains that can’t be added to deny lists
  • new automatically add disposable domain based on the DNS records check
  • edit some improvements to the CSP feature settings organization
  • edit few changes related to Activity events registration
  • edit added more optional disposable email domains
  • edit expanded various dictionary types optional values
  • fix registration control: too many dots check not working
  • fix firewall: issue with matching referrers
  • fix problem with blocked URI in the CSP log missing
  • fix showing action buttons for email in the popup view
  • fix registration control domain deny list check not stopping other checks
Version: 1.1 / january 3, 2024
  • new CSP: new option to auto apply rules on security headers changed
  • new CSP: a logs panel has options to add blocked values into directives
  • new comments: spam comment links to add email and domain do dictionary
  • new gravity forms: entry metabox to add email and domain do dictionary
  • new logs view: actions to ban IP, add emails and domains to dictionary
  • new admin bar integration with a new menu and important plugin shortcuts
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.6
  • fix potential issues with Firewall and invalid referrer value
  • fix inspector DNS panel: problem with displaying errors returned by DNS server
  • fix inspector DNS panel: code issue with the processing of results
Version: 1.0.1 / december 19, 2023
  • edit function parse_url replaced with wp_parse_url
  • edit function date replaced with gmdate
  • edit function json_encode replaced with wp_json_encode
  • edit various plugin core updates and tweaks
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.5.2
  • fix antispam basic code was having a problem with adding reasons
  • fix antispam trackback: with a comment type set to wrong value
Version: 1.0 / december 12, 2023
  • new first official release

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