Version: 1.8 / january 11, 2023
  • new component: Privacy with 10 events
  • new component WordPress expanded with 3 new events
  • new action for Logs to display WhoIs for IP
  • new library WhoIs for getting IP WhoIs information
  • edit various improvements for the popup view data display
  • edit Device Detector Library 6.2.1
  • fix new events in the Events panel can trigger fatal error
  • fix errors with the display of some object information
  • fix few issues with displaying Bot detection information
Version: 1.7 / January 7, 2023
  • new show blog information in the Logs popup view
  • new show view for Blog in the Logs for multisite network mode
  • new option to show linked Blog ID in the Logs
  • new option to show link to individual blog log for Blog ID
  • edit improvements in displaying objects info and links
  • edit improvements to the dashboard widgets display
  • edit several minor styling changes in the Logs display
  • edit changes in display of the Logs detection column
  • fix object column missing under some conditions
  • fix minor issue with Activity linked check method
  • fix component statistics scale using total instead of max value
  • fix several missing string translation contexts
Version: 1.6 / January 3, 2023
  • new save device detection information and filter on saving log
  • new optional device detection column for the Log
  • new device detection tab in the Log popup view for each entry
  • new matomo Device Detector library to parse user agent information
  • new sitemeta option updated event has equal values check
  • edit expanded information for some of the plugin settings
  • edit expanded setup wizard with few more questions
  • edit changed default activity status for some events
  • edit switch blogs to get object information in network mode
  • edit improved styling for the View popup
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.6
  • fix options on an exception list still were getting logged
  • fix order of the init and tracking actions for components
  • fix option updated event not always detecting equal values
Version: 1.5.4 / december 19, 2023
  • edit function json_encode replaced with wp_json_encode
  • edit various plugin core updates and tweaks
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.5.2
  • fix potential vulnerability issue with IP not being properly validated
  • fix few issues with the Network component events logging
Version: 1.5.3 / december 12, 2023
  • edit changed the size of the View popup dialog
  • fix missing escaping of the large meta-data block on display
Version: 1.5.2 / december 12, 2023
  • fix screen options not visible on the multisite network panels
  • fix live logs update not working due to the script name change
  • fix styling related to the IP buttons in the admin side header
Version: 1.5.1 / december 11, 2023

fix fatal error due to the enqueue code regression

Version: 1.5 / december 11, 2023
  • new method in Statistics class to get component statistics
  • new expanded setup Wizard with a geolocation panel
  • edit various small updates and tweaks to admin interface
  • edit GeoIP2 Library 1.11.1
  • edit IP2Location Library 9.7.2
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.5
  • fix multiple jobs scheduling when running in multisite
  • fix few notices with display of meta-data in the logs
Version: 1.4 / november 15, 2023
  • new component: GD Forum Manager plugin, with 4 events
  • new component: Forminator plugin, with 1 event
  • new logs panel view support for the object by ID or name
  • new store statistics for each event on the daily base
  • new filter events by the plugin it originated from
  • edit optimized logs panel views processing and matching
  • edit log item dialog view updated rendering for expandability
  • edit improved Event view display for the Logs panel
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.4 Beta
  • fix several small issues with the Live Logs updates
  • fix object filtering for logs panel was unfinished
  • fix notifications property not found for new events
Version: 1.3 / november 6, 2023
  • new geolocation with the use of MaxMind GeoLite2 database
  • new MaxMind GeoLite2 support for weekly downloading of Lite database
  • new option to hide the Object column from the Logs
  • new plugin dashboard widget for the GEO Location information
  • new component DebugPress expanded with two new events
  • new logs panel option to filter by country based on geolocation
  • new logs panel popup dialog with overview of all event data split in tabs
  • edit changes in the order for some columns on the log panel
  • edit expanded SweepPress sweeping job logged data
  • edit various improvements to the Logs panel styling
  • edit improved method for running the GEO Location database update
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.4 Beta
  • fix initial GEO Location database update is not triggered properly
Version: 1.2 / october 30, 2023
  • new database: logs table has new country_code column
  • new logging: options for logging country code and other location information
  • new geolocation settings: choose between online and IP2Location database
  • new geolocation with the use of IP2Location database
  • new IP2Location support for weekly downloading of Lite database
  • new registered weekly maintenance background job
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.4 Beta
  • fix logs override filtering not working properly always
  • fix all CRON handlers registered as filters and not actions
  • fix weekly digest scheduled to run each day
Version: 1.1 / october 16, 2023
  • new component: WooCommerce plugin, with 3 events
  • new notifications component: support for WooCommerce WC_Email logging
  • new logs panel action to stop logging some of the object type by value
  • new logs panel metadata column as alternative to the metadata row
  • new logs panel with added views for context and method
  • new tool for bulk control of events notifications status
  • new more settings related to object types exclusions
  • edit sitemeta component: default object type is now sitemeta
  • edit many improvements to the Logs class for expandability
  • edit few improvements to the base Component class
  • edit few improvements to the Logs table and rendering
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.4 Beta
  • fix logs filtering in some cases not working properly
  • fix some events not always obeying exclusion conditions
  • fix few issues with the content terms relationship change event
Version: 1.0.5 / october 5, 2023
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.3.5
  • fix admin pages header IP display may be broken if IP is unknown
Version: 1.0.4 / october 3, 2023
  • edit more changes related to PHPCS and WPCS validation
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.3.4
Version: 1.0.3 / september 26, 2023
  • edit more changes related to PHPCS and WPCS validation
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.3.3
Version: 1.0.2 / september 20, 2023
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.3.2
Version: 1.0.1 / september 20, 2023
  • edit more changes related to PHPCS and WPCS validation
  • edit Dev4Press Library 4.3.1
Version: 1.0 / september 6, 2023
  • new first official release

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