Multi Breadcrumbs

When added to the page, you have one breadcrumbs sequence based on the plugin settings and the current page. But, there are cases when reaching one plugin post or page can be done via different routes, through different types of archive pages WordPress supports. So, for posts, you can get to the individual post through archives for the author, through date-based archives, or archives for each category and tag post has.

This multi-path setup for reach individual posts is called Multi Breadcrumbs, and it is available in the BreadcrumbsPress Pro version only. It is not practical to use this method for main breadcrumbs (that still should be a single sequence, or you will have a problem with space it will take), but Multi Breadcrumbs can be generated and displayed using PHP function or shortcode for any post, page or custom post type post.

Here is the screenshot of multi breadcrumbs sequence for one post:

The first two paths are just the post name (without and with static posts page included). Next is the author archive, and after that, you have three paths using date-based archives. After that, you have paths made from hierarchical categories, and at the bottom, paths made from tags.

Function and shortcode for this both have options to disables some of these, so you can generate only taxonomy-based paths or other combinations you need. And, the whole multi-block contains a single rich snippet block that includes all paths as separate breadcrumbs sequences, and search engines can use all the paths to that post.

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