Free vs. Pro

BreadcrumbsPress Pro edition contains various features exclusive to the Pro edition only. Plugin’s free edition is completely fine for most use cases, and most users will not need to update to the Pro edition. But, if you need more options and some special features, you should consider a Pro edition upgrade.

More Settings

Pro edition has a new Tweaks settings panel containing new options:

  • Change breadcrumbs rendering list HTML tag between UL and OL.
  • Options to hide some of the breadcrumbs if the breadcrumbs list is long.
  • Options to shorten displayed title for individual crumbs if too long.
  • Option to change and normalize the text case for the crumbs titles.

Multi Breadcrumbs

The most advanced use of the breadcrumbs is to construct a sequence of breadcrumbs with the same origin and the endpoints (home page and the current page) connected with different paths. In the scope of WordPress, multi breadcrumbs can be used for posts, pages, and custom post types. In many cases, you can have different paths to reach each post. For instance, a post is defined by one or more categories and tags, it has a date, and it has an author. So, each term presents one path, the date, and author archives are few more paths. This can help with the website structure, and it has a lot of sense to be used in shops or directories types of websites.

Menu Breadcrumbs

This is an interesting way to use breadcrumbs, allowing you to build the list of crumbs with the WordPress Menus, and display individual menu items as crumbs. This is not intended as a wide use feature, but it can have some interesting use cases to expand on the way of the website navigation.

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